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Researcher Services support you through the entire research lifecycle, from developing the initial proposal through to publication and dissemination of your findings.

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Library workshops that provide skills training across all stages of the research lifecycle are run through Researcher Education and Development as part of a suite of workshops for researchers.

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Managing your research data

Understand data management practices and to data related resources and services, including data storage, ethics and copyright, available to Griffith researchers.

Reproducible research: Building business continuity

Discover the steps you can take to make your research more reproducible and the best practice guidelines that can help you in this process.

Reproducible research self-paced tutorial

Working with sensitive data

Learn how to work with sensitive data using the internationally recognised Five Safes Framework.

Copyright, publishing and Open Access considerations

Learn about the copyright issues researchers face when publishing  their outputs.

Copyright, publishing and Open Access considerations for creative and performing arts

Discover how to manage the unique copyright challenges faced in the creative and performing arts when publishing, exhibiting, performing and creating works.

Literature search strategies for systematic literature reviews: How to find papers and where to look

Work through the steps to undertake the literature research necessary for your systematic quantitative literature review.

Organisation and evaluation of resources for a Systematic Quantitative Literature Review

Learn how to organise your literature review papers and strategies to evaluate these resources for a systematic quantitative literature review.

Systematic style reviews in Health: Building a robust search strategy

Learn expert search techniques using an example systematic review research question, which can be applied to your own review search strategy.

Systematic style reviews in Health: Tips and tools for getting from start to finish

Discover tips and tools that can simplify systematic and systematic-style reviews from start to finish.

Managing your research literature

Explore techniques and strategies for managing research literature, references and ideas to facilitate writing.


An introduction to using EndNote for reference management.

EndNote 20 basics self-paced tutorial

Digital tools for research

Become familiar with a wide range of digital tools available to assist you throughout your research journey.

Digital tools for research self-paced tutorial

LimeSurvey at Griffith

Discover how to successfully design, create and distribut a research survey using LimeSurvey.

LimeSurvey self-paced tutorial

REDCap at Griffith

Learn how to build and deploy surveys in REDCap -- particularly useful for qualitative data and for clinical and longitudinal trials.

REDCap self-paced tutorial

Introduction to data wrangling with OpenRefine

Learn how data wrangling prepares raw or messy data and transforms or maps it into a structured and organised format to enable processing and analysis.

Introduction to data wrangling self-paced tutorial

Advanced data wrangling with OpenRefine

Learn advanced data wrangling skills including combining tabular datasets, geolocating data, and “what if” exploration.

Advanced data wrangling self-paced tutorial

External research datasets

Discover large, interdisciplinary, layered datasets to support research on AURIN, ADA, and other major virtual data labs and portals.

An introduction to digital texts and tools for HASS research

Discover digital methods and tools in HASS scholarship focusing on building, preparing and analysing datasets in the Digital Humanities.

Gale Digital Scholar Lab

Explore and analyse content from Gale's archives with the Digital Scholar Lab.

Preparing for your literature review

Learn how to critically analyse your research to write your literature review.

Publishing during your PhD

Understand the requirements and guidelines for publishing as part of your PhD thesis.

Formatting your thesis

Learn to use Microsoft Word's automated features to apply consistent formatting efficiently throughout a document.

Formatting your thesis self-paced tutorial

Navigating the publishing maze for early career researchers

Discover strategies to resolve issues involved with academic publishing.

Data visualisation basics

Explore methods and tools to create publication quality visualisations of structured data from spreadsheets.

Data visualisation basics self-paced tutorial

Data storytelling

Learn how to use data, visuals and narrative to bring together the story of your research.

Academic profiles

Discover the essential researcher profiles/identifiers and techniques to keep them automatically updated.

Measuring and showcasing research: Scholarly metrics

Explore metrics in Web of Science, Incites, Scopus and Google Scholar to find publication metrics for promotion and grant applications.

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