Your success as a researcher benefits from strengthening your academic writing skills.

Academic writing is:

  • formal in style
  • structured
  • focused and concise
  • supported by evidence
  • impersonal in language and style
  • usually written in the third-person—using personal pronouns like, he, she, they.

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The style and format used is determined by the type of writing you are doing.

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Referencing guides

Be consistent with style and format when you acknowledge sources.

Improve your writing

There are many useful resources to help improve your writing.

Explore the posts on writing from The Thesis Whisperer.

Join a research writing group, for example, Shut up and Write.

Griffith University Postgraduate Student Association ( GUPSA ) and Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild offer free editing services and assistance with academic writing.

Copyright matters

Find information and support for all aspects of your research and publishing.

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Library specialists can assist you at any stage of your writing process, from initial idea to final revision, and everything in between.

If needed, we can arrange a time to talk to you by phone or online.

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