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Office for Research staff

Dr Ross McLennan


Dr Ross McLennan joined Griffith as Director of the Office for Research in 2020 and leads with the simple vision: to facilitate research excellence. This is achieved by focusing the Office teams outwardly to provide highly skilled, professional support and advice to the Griffith research community.

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Daina Garklavs

Deputy Director

Grants and Research Development

In her role as Deputy Director she is responsible for the Research Development and Research Grants and Centres functions of the Office as well as managing OR staffing, and the budget for both the Office and the Research portfolio.

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Tony Sheil

Deputy Director

Research Analytics and Policy

Tony Sheil's career in university management spans over 20 years. With degrees in public policy and applied finance, Tony has worked for three universities (both in Australia and overseas) and for the Australian Innovative Research Universities group. Tony is an international contributor to university policy debates on a range of issues including world university rankings, research policy and research performance assessment.

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Senior Research Grants Manager

Research development and partnerships

Lisa Elliott

Ms Lisa Elliott

Head Research Development

(07) 3735 3739


Brit Winnen Card

Dr Brit Winnen

Research Development Manager

(07) 3735 7752


Jewel Huang

Dr Jewel Huang

Research Development Manager

(07) 3735 9217


Julia Hocking

Dr Julia Hocking

Research Development Manager

Dr Maretta Mann

Research Development Manager

(07) 555 29282


Research Ethics and Integrity

Ms Kim Madison

Manager, Research Ethics and Integrity

Research ethics and integrity governance, Human Research Ethics Committee Secretary, HDR Supervisor and Candidate Professional Development, Export Controls, Sanctions Compliance

(07) 3735 4375


Dr Monica Naughtin

Animal Ethics Coordinator

PhD - Animal Ethics Committee and University Biosafety Committee Secretary, Animal ethics management systems, HDR Supervisor and Candidate training, Export Controls, Sanctions Compliance

(07) 3735 6618


Ms Annmaree Jackson

Policy Officer

Human research ethics review, protvision of ethics advice and support, HDR Supervisor and Candidate Professional Development training

(07) 3735 8043


Ms Gynelle Murray

Systems and Support Officer - Human research ethics review, ethics assistance and support, Ethics committee and database administration

Location, delivery and postal address

Office for Research

Level 0, Bray Centre (N54)

Griffith University

170 Kessels Road, Nathan, Qld 4111

Other research support

There’s an array of associated research support and resources you can tap into in addition to Office for Research services.