Griffith's Research Grants Team provides support and advice in all areas of competitive research grant management. Reporting to the Deputy Director, Research Services and managed by the Senior Manager, Research Grants, the Team is split into:

§ Preaward (for competitive research grant applications)

§ Postaward (for successful competitive research grants)

§ Internal grants (for DVCR-funded internal Griffith research grant schemes).

These three units are supported by the RIMS administrators (who look after our research information management system).

Deputy Director, Research Services

Daina Garklavs

Senior Manager, Research Grants

Lynette Farquhar

General Enquiries

(07) 373 57123

Preaward Team -

(Managing the grant application process for all external competitive research grants)


Senior Research Grants Officer

David Wiseman - 07 373 53785

Research Grants Officer

Rebecca Domann - 07 555 29251

Administration Support Officer

(Preaward general enquiries)

Keri Pereira - 07 373 57123

Internal Grants Team -

(Managing all Griffith DVCR-funded internal grant schemes internal grant schemes)


Research Grants Officer

Tina Anderson - 07 373 57785


RIMS Administration -

(Administering Griffith's Research Information Management System, including research coversheets)


Research Grants Officer

Tina Anderson - 07 373 57785

Research Grants Data Administrator

Alicia Hopkins - 07 373 57378

Postaward Team -

(Managing the administration for successful competitive research grants, across their lifecycle, from time of award)


Senior Research Grants Officer

(ARC Linkage Program)

Belinda Watanabe - 07 373 57967

Research Grants Officer

(ARC Discovery Program)

Megan Stephenson - 07 373 57962

Research Grants Officer

(NHMRC and  ad hoc grant schemes for Griffith Health and Institute for Glycomics)

Dayle Eyles - 07 373 54116

Research Grants Officer

(Ad hoc grant schemes for AEL Group, Griffith Business and Griffith Sciences)

Perry Fiegert - 07 373 54100

Administration Support Officer

(Postaward general enquiries)

Rechelle Darkin - 07 555 29658

Research Contracts -

Research Contracts Officer

Peter Wilson - 07 373 54105

Nathan office

Office for Research
Griffith University Nathan campus
Room -1.02K/L Sewell Building (N12)
170 Kessels Road
Nathan Qld 4111

Gold Coast office

Office for Research
Griffith University Gold Coast campus
Room 4.25 The Learning Commons (G11)
Parklands Drive
Southport Qld 4215

Who is my Research Grants Officer?

Research Grants Officers provide support and advice in all areas of research grant management, including:

  • reviewing research grant applications and providing pre and post-award research grant management support
  • proactive advice on upcoming research grant rounds from major research funding bodies such as the ARC and NHMRC
  • coordinating information sessions, seminars and workshops for research grants
  • liaising with all research elements of the University, Planning and Financial Services, Legal Services Unit, Griffith Graduate Research School and Griffith Enterprise on all matters which impact on research grants.

Find your relevant Research Grants Officer via the tables below.

Research Centres Research Grants Officer
Arts, Education and Law 
  • Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research
  • Griffith Criminology Institute
  • Griffith Institute for Educational Research
  • Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre
  • Law Futures Centre
  • Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research
  • AEL researchers not otherwise mentioned

Megan Stephenson

Griffith Business School 
  • Centre for Governance and Public Policy
  • Griffith Institute for Tourism
  • Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing
  • Griffith Asia Institute
  • Griffith Business School researchers not otherwise mentioned

Belinda Watanabe

Griffith Health 
  • Menzies Health Institute Queensland
    • Understanding Chronic Conditions
    • Optimising Health Outcomes
    • Building Healthy Communities
  • School of Allied Health Sciences
  • School of Applied Psychology
  • School of Human Services and Social Work
  • School of Medical Science
  • School of Pharmacy
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • School of Medicine
  • Dentistry and Oral Health
  • Health researchers not otherwise mentioned

Megan Stephenson and Joanne Biles

Griffith Sciences 
  • Australian Rivers Institute
  • Centre for Quantum Dynamics
  • Environmental Futures Research Institute
  • Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery
  • Institute for Glycomics
  • Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems
  • Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre
  • Cities Research Institute
  • Science researchers not otherwise mentioned
Scheme Research Grants Officer
  • Griffith University Research Infrastructure Program
  • Griffith University Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme
  • Group based Travel grants and NRGs
  • Griffith University/Simon Fraser University collaborative
  • Griffith University/Southern Denmark University collaborative
  • Griffith University/Hong Kong Polytechnic University collaborative
  • Griffith University/Peking University collaborative
Australian Research Council 
  • ARC Discovery Projects and ARC Discovery Indigenous
  • ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards ( DECRA )
  • ARC Future Fellowship
  • ARC Laureate Fellowship
  • ARC Linkage
  • ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment & Facilities
  • ARC Centres of Excellence
National Health and Medical Research Council
  • NHMRC Project Grants
  • NHMRC Partnership Projects
  • NHMRC Program Grants
  • NHMRC Development Grants
  • NHMRC Centres for Research Excellence
  • NHMRC Research Fellowships
  • NHMRC Practitioner Fellowships
  • NHMRC Career Development Fellowship
  • NHMRC Early Career Fellowship
  • NHMRC Translating Research Into Practice Fellowship
  • NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarships
Queensland Government/Commonwealth 
  • Accelerate, QCAS, ACSRF and other strategic schemes
  • US DoD (Health), NIH
  • EU Horizon 2020