There are myriad grant opportunities open to Griffith researchers

Grant opportunities range from internal grant schemes to external funding. Check our research grants calendar to keep on top of upcoming opportunities. You can also access the Research Professional grants database to discover funding opportunities.

Please note, Griffith University does not allow proposals for, or receipt of, tobacco industry funding.

Looking for a new grant opportunity?

If so, tap into *Research Professional—a comprehensive database of current research funding opportunities from around the world...

Griffith's Research Grants Calendar

See at a glance a calendar of upcoming research grant opportunities, including internal and external deadlines for submission and who to contact to discuss further.

External grants

Find links to Australian Research council (ARC), National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Queensland Government and other grant opportunities.

Internal grants

Internal grants schemes are a stepping stone for our early and mid-careers researchers to establish their research independence. We also offer awards that recognise individual researcher excellence at all career stages.