The Office for Research can help you apply for a range of competitive research grant funding opportunities

See below for more information regarding the application process and the procedures for the review of grant applications.

Application process

Follow these guidelines to ensure you’ve included all required information and submit a competitive application.

1. Advise the Office for Research

Let the preaward team know as early as possible, that you will be preparing a research grant application. Office for Research staff can generally provide support during the application process. All competitive research grants should come through our Office.

2. Check the internal closing date

Check the grants calendar for the internal closing date. If the scheme is not listed, contact the preaward team on

Generally speaking the following timeframes will apply:

  • For all ARC and NHMRC schemes, there is generally an EOI process for these schemes and applicants are known well in advance. Internal deadlines will be four weeks prior to the external deadlines.
  • For all overseas-based funders, internal deadlines will also be four weeks before the scheme closing date.
  • For all other schemes, internal deadlines will be two weeks before the scheme closing date.

3. Read all documentation

Ensure you’ve read all of the funder’s scheme documentation to ensure you’re eligible and your project aligns with the scheme.

4. Understand the submission process

Sometimes a funder will require hard copies to be submitted, for the application to be submitted through an online portal or for delegates from the University to sign the application to approve submission. Understanding the requirements well in advance is important to planning the submission.

5. Answer all questions, provide all required documentation and format correctly

Ensure you comply with the funder’s instructions regarding format and length of the application, address all fields and provide all necessary attachments.

6. Prepare budget information

Use the budget tools on our grants application resources page as a guide.

7. Draft letters of support and/or certifications

Determine if you need to include letters of support from Griffith or your partners and start drafting these. Some grants may also require the University to certify the application. The Research Grants team can assist with these requirements.

8. Submit by the internal due date

All applications must be received in the Office for Research by the advertised internal deadline in the grants calendar.

9. Complete a Research Grant Application Coversheet

For all external grant applications, submit a Research Grant Application Coversheet to the Office for Research, along with your application.

NOTE: if your application is not being administered by the Office for Research DO NOT complete a Research Grant Application Coversheet.

Research Grant Application Coversheets are only applicable for research applications/funding being administered by OR. The Office administering your application/funding (e.g. Griffith enterprise, Development and Alumni, Griffith International etc)  will have their own process in place. Please liaise directly with the Office administering your application/funding.

Click here to find out if your project is HERDC eligible.

10 Review Process

Once submitted to the Research Grants team by the internal due date, the Research Grants team will review the application against the guidelines and provide feedback/requests for amendment in order to ensure the application is eligible and compliant. The diagram below illustrates the review process undertaken.

11. Submission to funding body

Once applications have been reviewed and are ready to submit applicants will be advised they are able to submit the application or the Research Grants team will submit on their behalf (depending on funding body requirements)

How we review applications

The following image outlines the process our team goes through once they receive an application for review. For major grant rounds such as ARC and NHMRC we set an internal deadline 4 weeks before the due date so, if necessary, multiple reviews can occur.

how we review applications