COVID-19 update

To assist students who need to apply for an assessment application on medical grounds due to testing positive to COVID-19, but are unable to obtain a medical certificate, the following is deemed to be acceptable:

  • documentation received from a relevant state government health authority (e.g. Qld Health) when you report a positive RAT or PCR test.

All you need to know about assignment extensions, deferred assessment, special consideration and alternate exam sittings

Modified assessment arrangements may be provided to a student in the event that their capacity to demonstrate their true level of competence in an assessment item was, is, or will be significantly impaired as a result of medical, compassionate or extenuating circumstances.

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Assignment extension

Deferred assessment

Special consideration

Alternate exam sitting

Supporting documentation for all application types

  • Accident – statutory declaration, police report, fire officer report.
    • Bereavement – bereavement notice or statutory declaration.
  • Medical/illness/temporary disability – medical certificate.
    • Other compassionate circumstances – statutory declaration.
  • Personal safety issues – police report, statutory declaration.
  • Sporting or cultural commitment – letter from sporting body (this include Griffith Sports College), letter from religious leader or church group.
  • Technical difficulties – timestamped screenshot, proof of help request, statutory declaration.
  • Work commitments – letter from employer on company letterhead.
  • Alternate Exam Sitting Applications only: individual timetable falls outside timetable guidelines – no documentation is required, but you will need to indicate how your timetable is being impacted.
  • Alternate Exam Sitting Applications only: residing in different time zone – no documentation is required.



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You will be notified of the outcome of your assessment application by email. The status and outcome of each application can be viewed using 'My application status'.

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