Decisions that can be reviewed under the 3 step Student Review and Appeals process

Decisions matter to you and the University, as they affect your experience as a student. Whilst Griffith University tries to create a learning environment and culture that supports productive learning, sometimes things may not function as expected. At times, you may not agree with a decision regarding your assessment, enrolment, exclusion, or another issue. We want your experience at Griffith University to be positive. You have a right to let us know of concerns about the decisions we make.

Students can request reviews of academic decisions in relation to their studies such as final grades, progression, honours classification, exclusion, termination of candidature, eligibility to graduate, special consideration, deferred exams.

Administrative decisions such as fees, admission, enrolment and attendance can also be reviewed. To find out more about seeking a review, see all of the decisions able to be reviewed and begin the process, proceed to the Review and Appeals overview.


If you have contacted your decision maker, understand why the initial decision was made and you have all your supporting documentation ready, you can proceed to the form submission.

Submit a Review of a Decision form


Your feedback is important, if there is a matter you’d like us to follow up or if you’d like to give a compliment please go to Feedback.

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