We value student views about what we do well and what we can do better

Your student experience at Griffith should be a positive one, so we regularly use feedback mechanisms to seek your views on University services, and the quality of our teachers and courses. Sometimes expectations may differ between you and the University. To understand what you can expect as a Griffith student and what the University expects of you, please read the Student Charter.

Making a complaint

Occasionally you may have a particular concern about your treatment as a student, the quality or delivery of a service provided by the University, or the conduct of University staff or other students. If so, you may wish to make a complaint seeking to:

  • receive an apology,
  • correct an error in relation to you or your record,
  • have a decision made and/or
  • improve existing services and processes.

Concerns not addressed by the Student Complaints Policy and Procedures are:

Resolving your complaint

Griffith University is committed to promoting a complaints friendly culture that addresses student concerns and helps to improve services. The Student Complaints Policy and Student Complaints Procedures outline a sequence of steps to follow:

Step 1 - Pursue informal resolution. If dissatisfied…
Step 2 - Make a formal complaint. If dissatisfied…
Step 3 - Refer the matter to the Student Ombudsman


“Without fear of detrimental treatment” (Student Complaints Policy s.1), try to resolve your concerns promptly, constructively and directly with the relevant person or service area.

Informal resolution strategies include:

  • having a conversation or writing an email or letter to the individual or service area about your concerns and the outcomes you seek. Be clear and respectful in your interactions with others.
  • requesting a relevant staff member or a Student Advocate to assist you in raising the matter with the individual or service area.
  • providing qualitative feedback on improving service delivery by using Student Feedback.

If the matter occurred within the last 12 months and remains unresolved, you may then wish to lodge a formal complaint at Step 2 of the complaints process.

Find out more

Student Complaints Policy

This policy provides the mechanism for resolving complaints made by students about the quality of a service and treatment provided by the University or the conduct of University staff or students.

Student Complaints Procedures

These procedures support the Student Complaints Policy.

Contact us

Current Students: contact Student Complaints via student-complaints@griffith.edu.au or Phone: (07) 555 28112

Former Students and Members of the Public: contact Griffith University via complaints@griffith.edu.au or Phone (07) 373 57111