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Supplementary assessment is designed to provide you with additional time for private study followed by the opportunity to demonstrate successful achievement.

COVID-19 update

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the eligibility conditions for awarding supplementary assessment have been expanded to include students due to graduate, who have not passed a final course irrespective of whether supplementary assessment is allowed for that course.

The student must submit all assessment requirements and have also:

  • fulfilled all program requirements, making them eligible to graduate
  • received a Fail grade of 3 or achieved the percentage equivalent to a grade of 3, but has not met the required mandatory pass components of the course.
Being granted a supplementary exam

The granting of a supplementary exam is considered to be a significant concession by the University.

All students must attempt the supplementary examination on the scheduled date and no further deferment is available. You will also need to achieve a pass mark in each of your supplementary exams to be awarded a grade no higher than a 4 (Pass). If you do not attend your supplementary exam, you will receive a grade of 3 (Fail).

For further information, please refer to Section 3.12.1 of the Assessment Procedure for Students.

SUP—supplementary assessment

Students who are awarded supplementary assessment, are notified after final grades are released. If you have been awarded a supplementary exam, the code SUP will be recorded against the course on your academic transcript. You will be sent an email after grades are published to advise that you have been awarded a central supplementary exam.

Refer to exam timetable publication dates for details of when your supplementary exam timetable will be published in myGriffith.

SSP—school-based supplementary assessment

If you are awarded school-based supplementary assessment, the code SSP will be recorded against the course on your academic transcript (with the exception of courses with the MED grading basis. If your course has an MED grading basis, the school will notify you if you have been awarded supplementary assessment).

For more information about your school-based supplementary assessment, contact your school.

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