COVID-19 update

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no supervised or proctored on-campus exams until further notice, with a small number of exceptions. Affected students will be advised via the Learning@Griffith course site.

End of trimester exams

Find out when your end of trimester exams will be


Arrival time

We recommend you arrive at least 20 minutes early to allow for identification checks and to get settled in before your exam starts.

Late arrival for an exam

If you arrive in the first 30 minutes of working time (after reading time), you can sit your exam. Make sure you make yourself known to the Chief Proctor on arrival. If you arrive later than 30 minutes into working time, you won’t be able to sit the exam.

Early exit from an exam

You cannot leave your exam venue in the first 30 minutes or last 10 minutes of working time, except in an emergency. If you need to leave during an exam, stay seated, raise your hand and wait for a Proctor. It is really important you don’t take the exam paper or exam materials out of the exam venue when you leave.

What to bring

To have the best exam experience we recommend you get everything ready the day before each exam.

For end of trimester exams, start by checking your personal exam timetable in myGriffith, as everything you are approved to take into your exam will be listed there. For all other exams, your Course Convenor will advise.

Griffith student ID card

Bring your Griffith student ID card to all exams. If you don’t have one, bring an alternative form of photo ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport.

Stationery items

Remember to bring your pens, pencils, erasers and ruler to every exam. Pencil cases must be placed on the floor under the desk during exams. No scrap paper or other materials are allowed unless they have been specified for the exam.

Personal items

If you can, please leave all valuable items at home as the University does not guarantee the safe keeping of your personal items during exams.  If you bring your purse or wallet into the exam venue, it must be placed on the floor under your desk, or in your bag. Proctors will advise where the bag storage areas are. All bags must be kept in these.

Electronic devices

You will not be able to bring electronic devices into your exams, including laptops, iPads or smart watches. Make sure you turn your mobile phone off and keep it in your bag, in the designated bag area, while you are in the exam venue, and that you don’t have it in your pocket or on you in an exam.


If a calculator is permitted for your end of trimester exam, its type will be listed on your personal exam timetable in myGriffith. Make sure the calculator has been removed from its case. It will be checked by a Proctor at the start of the exam.


If a dictionary is permitted for your end of trimester exam, it’s type will be listed on your personal exam timetable in myGriffith. Dictionaries will be checked at the beginning of the exam, and cannot contain comments or unauthorised materials (such as handwriting, diagrams or other printed inserts and attachments). All dictionaries must be unmarked.

The University only allows two types of non-electronic dictionaries in exams - an English translation dictionary or a non-electronic open dictionary.

What else should I know?

It is your responsibility to know what you can take into your exam. Make sure you don’t take unauthorised materials in. Academic Integrity explains the University’s expectations of you.

Section 14 in the End of Trimester Centrally Administered Examinations Policy and Procedures has more information about materials allowed in central exams.


Check your personal exam timetable in myGriffith for details of where your exams are being held. Remember to check the timetable 24 hours before each exam, as venue allocations may sometimes change. Refer to the room locations guide or the relevant campus map.

Please allow plenty of travel time prior to your exam to find a carpark and get to your exam. Griffith University will not be responsible for any students missing exams due to parking difficulties.

New Nathan campus exam venue

We have a new exam venue on the Nathan campus for end of trimester exams, conveniently located on Level 2 of the Willett Centre N53 (library). Access to this venue is via the main library doors. Students are reminded to keep noise to an absolute minimum when entering the library and making their way to the exam venue. Representatives from Exams and Timetabling Team will be on hand to guide students once inside the library.

Additional exam location

Most exams are held on campus. However, at times, exams are held at the following location which are within walking distance from the Gold Coast campus.

Sharks Event Centre

The address for the Sharks Event Centre is: Corner Musgrave and Olsen Avenues, Southport QLD 4215.

  • Parking is available at Southport Sharks for a maximum of 1 hour before and 1 hour after your exam time. A parking fee of $2 will apply. We recommend that you utilise Griffith University paid parking facilities or the G-Link and walk the short distance to Southport Sharks.


If any of your courses are listed as 'OFF-CAMPUS' or 'ONLINE', your exam arrangements might be a little different.

The following information relates only to formal, non-electronic exams requiring University-arranged supervision.

Exam location

If you have an in-person exam and your residence is within 100km of the campus at which the on-campus exam is held, you should attend the exam on campus. You will be notified via your Griffith student email of your recommended campus (Gold Coast or Nathan) based on your current home address.

If your residence is greater than 100km from the campus at which the on-campus exam is conducted you may undertake your exam at an approved external exam centre. You will be notified via your Griffith student email of your external exam centre.

If you wish to change your exam location you can do so by choosing an alternative approved exam centre/campus or by proposing a new exam centre, if there are no approved centres within 100km from your home address.

Exam notification

A Personal Exam Timetable will be available via myGriffith for all students once the exam timetable is published.

If you are an OFF-CAMPUS or ONLINE student sitting at an external exam centre you will also receive notification of your exam arrangements via your Griffith student email within one week of the release of the final exam timetable.

Note: You are required to confirm your attendance five working days prior to the exam date. You are also responsible for contacting the external centre prior to the exam date to ensure you have the correct times, date and location.


Note: Applications to sit an external exam are not available for Trimester 1 2021.


If you are enrolled in an on-campus course, you may be eligible to sit your exam externally, if you have:

  • extenuating family reasons
  • medical grounds
  • work commitments beyond your control, or
  • other compassionate grounds.


  • To sit your exam within Australia—$150
  • To sit your exam at an overseas location—$175

These fees cover the costs of postage, exam supervision, venue hire and other associated costs.

How to apply

  1. Complete the relevant application form.
  2. Attach any relevant supporting documentation outlining the reason for your request.
  3. Make your payment via GriffithPAY. Attach receipt to your application.
  4. Lodge your application at Student Connect or email/post directly to Exams and Timetabling, no later than four weeks prior to the scheduled on-campus exam date.
  5. Allow 10 working days for your application to be processed.

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