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Griffith teams our world-leading sports scientists with cutting-edge facilities to develop research and technologies that not only benefit sportspeople but the general public. Our research covers all sides of sport, from performance to participation and results to recovery.


Griffith Business School’s Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management conducts research to provide solutions to business, community and government dedicated to the delivery of sport, events and services. The Department has lead research for a number of major organisations, including the International Olympic Committee, World Anti-Doping Agency, Australian Football League and Australian Department of Health and Ageing.

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Griffith School of Engineering conducts research into human and sport technologies, multidisciplinary expertise to develop portable sensors that monitor human movement and sports performance. This research also spawned Sports and Biomedical Engineering Laboratories (SABEL)—an enterprise and research group that develops sports and wearable technologies. We also reach into the wider local and international community as a member of the Queensland Sports Technology Cluster, the Australian Sports Technologies Network and the International Sports Engineering Association.


Griffith University has partnered with the Menzies Foundation to form the Menzies Health Institute Queensland. The Institute brings together more than 750 researchers working across a range of health specialisations, including musculoskeletal research and rehabilitation.

Menzies Health Institute

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