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The future of our world is being written by the research being done today. Our focus on applied research problems allows us to make a powerful impact on society now and into the future. Research generated in our school has resulted in national programs that assist children, parents, organisations, and those in society who need care.  Our areas of research strength encompass disciplines across psychology, health services management, suicidology, and counselling.

Research Groups

The School of Applied Psychology has key areas of research strength, reinforced by six core research groups. The activities of our research groups are to enhance research support, engagement, quality, and productivity. To learn more about a specific research group, view the current members, or request to join, email

Dynamics of Youth Development

Peer relationships, romantic relationships, identity development, social development, emotion regulation, risky behaviours, culture, ethnicity and identity. Co-Leads: Prof Melanie Zimmer-Gembeck, Dr Kathy Modecki.

Learning, Earning & Thriving

Learning and teaching research, professional and career development, motivation, wellbeing, academic engagement, employability, personality and individual differences. Co-Leads: Dr Natalie Loxton, A/Prof Michelle Hood.

Social & Behavioural Health

Understanding, measuring, and changing social and behavioural health to benefit individuals, communities, and stakeholders. Co-Leads: A/Prof Kyra Hamilton, Dr Nicola Sheeran.

Child & Parent Interventions

Assessment, prevention and treatment of mental health and developmental problems affecting children, adolescents and parents, novel approaches to enhance access to care, and dissemination of evidence-based interventions. Co-Leads: A/Prof Lara Farrell, Prof Sharon Dawe.

Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Performance and wellbeing in high-risk occupations, stress and wellbeing in the workplace, safety culture, human factors, workplace suicide prevention. Co-Leads: Prof Paula Brough, Dr Victoria Ross.

Cognition, Learning & Performance

Perception, attention, fear conditioning and extinction, decision-making, visual cognition, memory, cognition and development. Co-Leads: Dr Rebecca Lawrence, Prof Allison Waters, Prof David Neumann.

Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention

AISRAP is the leading Australian centre for research, clinical practice, education and community action for suicide prevention, sought after for the quality of the advice and the outcomes it provides in linking research and practice.

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Clinical trials

Childhood Anxiety Disorders

Our Childhood Anxiety Disorders Research Program assesses and/or treats children with high levels of anxiety using well-researched diagnostic and assessment tools and evidence-based treatments.

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Pre-Schoolers Overcoming Phobias

This free program consists of assessment and treatment for children ages 3 to 5 years with a specific phobia. It aims to learn more about the course of childhood fears in young children, and involves testing a novel, brief intervention for childhood phobias.

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OCD Busters

Griffith University Paediatric OCD Research Program provides assessment and state-of-the-art evidence-based, cognitive-behavioural treatment (group and individual format) for children and youth with OCD spectrum disorders.

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The BRAVE Program

The BRAVE programs are evidenced-based, online, cognitive-behavioural programs aimed at treating anxiety in young children, primary school aged children, and adolescents. The BRAVE programs are free to all Australian families, and are the result of 20 years of research that has provided strong evidence for their efficacy.

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Family Interaction Program

The Family Interaction Program (FIP) is a specialist parenting service and research group that has been working closely with the Queensland Government and families since 2002. FIP provides a diversity of parenting programs to the community, most prominently Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Circle of Security - Parenting Program, and PC-Care.

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