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Eduroam is an agreement between educational institutions to share access to their wireless networks. Being part of the eduroam federation allows all Griffith staff and students visiting another institution to connect to the eduroam wireless network using their portal username and password.

Where can I use eduroam?

Griffith Staff and Students

eduroam is available at over 500 sites world wide, for a full list of eduroam participating institutions, please visit the website.

QUDIT in partnership with Griffith University and other state and private institutions have worked together to deploy eduroam at numerous health precincts across Queensland. Find out where.

Visitors to the Griffith University

eduroam is available on all Griffith University campuses and in most buildings, however, please check the coverage maps section of the wireless website for up-to-date information.

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Connecting to eduroam

Visitors to the Griffith University

If you are visiting Griffith, you will need to check with your own IT support staff to ensure that your access is set up before you come.

Griffith Staff and Students

Members of the Griffith community need to configure the laptop once in order to connect to the eduroam wireless network. To view the connection guides for various operating systems, please visit the eduroam section of the Griffith Wireless website.

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What resources are available while connected to eduroam?

Griffith Staff and Students

Please check with visited institution's eduroam support pages for a list of resources available to you.

Visitors to the Griffith University

Network access for visitors is provided free of charge, however, it is limited to SSH , HTTP , mail and VPN services.


Conditions of use

All visitors must read and accept the Code of Practice before connecting to the eduroam wireless network. Please note that eduroam is only available to users over 18 years of age or those users who have acquired parental consent to use the “non-filtered” Internet access.