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We have a variety of options for guests of the University to access the Internet and Griffith Wi-Fi network.

About Device Accounts

Device accounts are registered on the Griffith network via Mac address. Accounts need to log in using a special account.

Duration: Open-ended but must be renewed yearly.

Access: Wi-Fi and/or Wired Internet

Who: Shared devices (e.g. tablets) or specialised devices (specialised teaching equipment, robots, virtual reality technology, exercise equipment).

Turnaround time: Up to 10 working days

Approval Process: All requests for device accounts are subject to a cyber security assessment by the IT Security Specialist AND approval from the IT Security Manager.

How to Connect: Once your account has been set up, we will email you a Wi-Fi security certificate to install on your device. Details will be provided in an email.

How to Request: Complete the online form including the MAC address for your device(s). A MAC address (Media access control) is a unique identifier. For instructions on how to retrieve your MAC address, please see the relevant guide for your device.

About Server Accounts

Server accounts are automatically logged into the Griffith wired network via IP address. Accounts log in using an account username and password that is not provided to staff.

Duration: Until server is decommissioned Access: Wired Internet access with traffic on approved ports.

Who: Must be a server in the Corporate machine room and not a desktop.

Turnaround time: 5 working days

Approval Process: Approval is required by the IT Security Specialist and IT Security Manager.  Password is not given to staff.Server is logged in via IP . Must be reviewed yearly

How to Request: Complete the online form including the IP address (must be a public IP eg 132.) for your device(s).

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