Complete the Server Internet Account Request form to connect a server to the internet.  Approval is required by the IT Security Specialist and IT Security Manager.  Note:

  • a password for the account is not given to staff
  • server must be logged in via IP
  • account is reviewed yearly
  • the IP address needs a address
Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
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Server Internet account details
Type of account *
Security requirements for account setup
Have the default passwords been changed? *
Are all the applications up to date and patched? *
Details of person responsible for administration of account
Terms and conditions
_ * This account is intended to log a Server into the internet only. By authorising this Server Internet Account request the Service Administrator agrees to:- Notify Networking and Communication Services Team in advance of any changes to the server which may affect the internet account - Monitor account usage via the My Internet Account.It is the duty of the Administrator of the Account to alert the Networking & Communication Services Team of any irregular activity upon detection.
_ * Griffith University collects, stores, and uses personal information only for the purposes of administering your request. The information collected will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except to meet government, legal or other regulatory authority requirements. For further information, consult the University’s Privacy Plan.