Protecting the Griffith community

We provide numerous levels of IT security to protect the Griffith community, our assets and our information from external threats.  Initiatives include the installation of antivirus software on PC s and servers and firewalls and intrusion protection systems on the network.   These security measures have been implemented in response to the increase in number and type of security related vulnerabilities such as:

  • computer viruses
  • worms
  • spyware
  • hacking tools
  • malicious content

Some of these exploits are so sophisticated that they conceal their identity while stealing user information. In many instances this occurs when a user accesses certain internet sites accidentally, unknowingly or deliberately.

Confirm a website is safe

If you have received a pop-up alert for a website that you know is safe, you can log web content filter request and we will investigate the site, confirm it is safe and then remove it from the safeguard filtering system.

Web content filter request form

Website filtering

To help safeguard individual users from these vulnerabilities, filtering software has been installed at the Internet gateway that will alert users via a pop-up that the website they are about to access could be unsafe.

While there are over a hundred different categories by which websites are classed, we will only be applying a few:

  • pornography
  • nudity
  • sexual materials
  • provocative attire
  • incidental nudity
  • criminal activities
  • malicious sites
  • spyware/adware
  • phishing
  • hate/discrimination
  • P2P /file sharing
  • school cheating information
  • extreme

The pop-up will alert you that the site may be vulnerable and will prompt you to either continue or abandon access to that site.

If you have any concerns please refer to cyber security.

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