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Cyber Security is everyone's responsibility

People are the first line of defence in today’s cyber threat landscape and no amount of technology can replace the human element. Therefore, it is important that we understand how to protect ourselves from cyber threats. This site provides you with cyber safety tips and advice, updates on the latest cyber alerts and provides you with information on how to report cyber security incidents.

Cyber Security Improvement Program

Cyber security incidents can have serious outcomes. Institutions as well as individuals are targets and it is more important than ever to apply practical steps to ensure the Griffith community is secure.

With this in mind, we are embarking on a major cyber security improvement program, which will enhance the cyber security capabilities of the university. A number of the program’s initiatives will affect you including;

  • Introducing a safer way to connect your devices to the Griffith University and Eduroam Wi-Fi networks (via Wi-Fi certificates)
  • Vulnerability scanning to ensure the Griffith network is kept up-to-date to reduce our chance of being targeted through out of date software
  • Phishing simulation which will build your awareness around being scammed
  • Cloud-based enterprise password manager to assist groups and individuals in managing and administering passwords and sensitive data
  • Multi-factor identification which will improve the security around your Griffith login’s providing an extra layer of protection
  • Cyber security essentials training module to provide you with practical steps to ensure your online safety

Cyber Security Essentials Training

As part of the Griffith Integrity Program, the Cyber Security Essentials training module aims to build awareness and understanding of cyber security responsibility, key threats, mitigation actions and cyber security incident reporting.

The Cyber Security Training will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. At the end of the module, you will be asked to undertake an online assessment to check your understanding of the key concepts presented.

The training module should be completed by all new staff at induction and annually for all staff.

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Griffith Wi-Fi security improvements

We have updated the security around how you access Griffith Wi-Fi to provide more secure and trusted access to our Wi-Fi network, keeping you safe from potential cyber threats.

Your action is required: If you use the Griffith University Wi-Fi network, you need to forget your existing Griffith Wi-Fi settings and follow our Getting Connected guides to update your laptop, phone, tablet or other Wi-Fi device. You will need to do this before 19 October 2019, or you will lose Griffith Wi-Fi connection.

Getting Connected Guides

More about Griffith Wi-Fi

Cyber Security Alert Service

Alert services provides the latest information about cyber security news, threats and advisories relevant to Griffith University staff and students. Stay up to date with the latest information here.

Alerts, News and Advisories

To ensure your device is protected from the latest exploits and vulnerabilities you should always keep your device up to date.

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Top five cyber security essentials

Find out more about the top five tips, to protect yourself, your data and contribute to a safe cyber environment.

Report a security incident

Report a phishing incident, password compromise, ransomware or other suspicious activity.

Manage your password

Your password is the key to protecting your identity and your data. A good strong password is easy to remember and hard to guess.

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Protect yourself

As part of the Griffith community you can enjoy access to a list of free and discounted software.

Information management for staff

Learn more about information security classification (formerly data classification), data privacy, the information asset register and information storage advice. Requires staff login to access.

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Information security classification Data privacy Information storage

Information asset register (public) Information asset register (internal)

Cyber security policy

Cyber security policy, standards and guidelines are designed to provide you with the tools needed to navigate your way through cyber security requirements.

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