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The Internet access service provides Internet access for education and research purposes, and records data downloads against your student or staff number. Use My Internet Account to check your usage (requires VPN if accessing from off campus).

Unlimited Internet usage for your study*

  • Free Internet access available during off peak times - all weekend and 5pm to 8am weekdays!
  • Unlimited usage hours

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*conditions apply, refer to student internet accounts for more detail.

Access and charges

We provide internet access for education and research purposes to all staff and students and this comes at a cost.  These costs are paid for directly by the University, however it is the responsibility of all students and staff to abide by the appropriate use guidelines outlined in the Information Technology Code of Practice.

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Tips to reduce charges

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Connect to Griffith's wireless network and work from anywhere!

Tips to reduce charges

  • Complete large downloads during free off-peak hours (all weekend and Monday to Friday from 5:00pm to 8:00am)
  • Be aware of usage that accrues when you connect via the Griffith VPN. Connecting via VPNmakes your computer look like it is on the Griffith University network, which means you also need to connect to the Internet Access system. Find out more about remote access and VPN.
  • Be aware of software that will automatically download or synchronise when you connect to the internet. This includes peer-to-peer services, bit torrent services or drop-box services*.

* When accessing these types of services, you must ensure they are used in accordance with the University's Information Technology Code of Practice. This Code of Practice applies irrespective of where the University information technology resources are accessed and used, and includes use at home.


How to check personal internet usage

Everyone with an Internet account has access to My Internet Account, which enables you to review your Internet usage, check your remaining quota, and more.

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We aim to give you the best Internet service, which includes keeping you up to date with known support issues.

There are no known issues with devices connecting to the Internet at this time.

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