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From Friday 26 October, email for active Griffith students is available in Outlook 365.  Access Microsoft 365 and student email via link below.  Alternatively go to the Student Email Quick link from your myGriffith portal and login using your sNumber and password.

Login to Student email with Outlook 365

About your student email in Outlook 365

Available Microsoft 365 apps


Quick tips

Check your email

Every student receives an official Griffith email address ( The University sends important messages to this address, so we advise you to check it regularly.

Logging into multiple accounts via Chrome

Set up profiles to access different accounts from Chrome such as your student and staff email account.

Find out how

Skype moving to Teams

Coming soon:Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business as the communications client in 365.

Find out more

Have you used Skype (consumer)?

Skype for Business and Skype (consumer) can run simultaneously, but they must have a different email account.

If you have previously used Skype (consumer) with your Griffith email address, you will need to change the email to a personal address.

Updating to Skype Business from Skype

Completed: Active Students moved to Outlook 365 (26 Oct)


COMPLETED Friday 5pm, 26 Oct: All new email will be delivered to Outlook 365

COMPLETED Friday 26 to Sunday 28: All existing Google Email, Contacts and Calendar will be moved from Google to Outlook 365

COMPLETED Monday 29 October: All email, contacts and calendar will be available in Outlook 365 account. Google email, calendar, contacts and hangouts will be disabled (for active students)

How to access Outlook

Links to Student email in Outlook have been updated from Google mail

Active students can access email via:

  • myGriffith quick links
  • Griffith App
  • Remember to update any saved links or bookmarks to Outlook.

    Get the app to use Outlook on your mobile device!

    Your email address stays the same!

    You will be able to access Outlook with the same student email address:

    Available: Google Drive and Apps

    Access to Google Drive documents and apps (excluding email, calendar, contacts and hangouts) will continue until further notice.

    A new link Google Drive and Apps is available in MyGriffith quick links and you can login as usual.

    Post move check

    On Monday 29 October, there are a couple of things you need to do:

  • Update any bookmarks and saved links to the new Outlook link
  • Get the Outlook app on your mobile phone or tablet to access email
  • If you share your calendar, re-share from Outlook once the migration has completed

    If you were a Griffith Alumni and not an active student prior to the move to Microsoft on 26 October 2018, your Griffith email account will remain in Google until further notice.  You can access your Google email account via MyGriffith > Alumni email quick link or via the link on the Alumni website.

    Access Alumni Google Mail

    Current 2018 graduates

    Students who moved to Microsoft in October AND have graduated after 1 November 2018 will retain their Microsoft 365 account including Outlook for email until further notice. You can access your Outlook email account via MyGriffith > Student Email Quick link.


    Check out our Griffith Productivity Hub.  It a one-stop-shop for resources and self help material.  Find out everything you need to know about 365 apps!

    Griffith productivity hub


    Tell us about your 365 experience

    Access email on your laptop or mobile device

    Get email online

    The supported method for accessing email online from your laptop or computer is via a web browser.

    • Go to the myGriffith student portal. Under Quick links, select Student Email.
    • Enter in your web browser, then sign in with your Griffith username ('s' number) and password.

    How to access Outlook

    Outlook and 365 Apps for your mobile device

    Head to your App Store to download Outlook and 365 apps for free

    • Official Microsoft apps are the recommended and secure method of accessing content on mobile devices.
    • In accordance with University security policy, POP or  IMAP access has been disabled by default.

    How to install 365 on your device

    Account information

    I am a student who has conducted paid/unpaid work for Griffith

    • You will be given access to a staff email account ( for the term of your appointment.
    • Access to the staff account will be removed on the termination date of your employment.
    • Your staff account becomes the 'default' account.
    • All emails from Griffith Learning and Teaching systems will go to your 'default' account.
    • It is not possible to change your 'defaul't account to your student account.
    • Placing a forward from your staff account to student account will ensure you receive all email in your student account.
    • It is important to check both Staff and Student accounts while you are enrolled in a course unless you are forwarding emails.

    I am a Researcher or HDR student who has conducted paid/unpaid work for Griffith

    • If you are a Researcher or HDR student and perform paid/unpaid work for Griffith you will receive a staff email account.
    • Access to a staff email account is for the term of your employment only and not the term of your research/HDR studies.
    • Access to the staff account will be removed on the termination date of your employment.
    • It is important to note that you will lose access to a staff email and therefore should forward email from staff to student and use student email as your primary contact

    I am a Researcher or HDR student

    • Researchers and HDR students are provided with a student account.
    • You will retain your student account ( while you are an active student.

    I am a HDR Student who commenced prior to August 2012 and had a staff email account in the previoust

    • Access to the staff email account will be removed on the completion of your program.
    • It is important to note that you will lose access to a staff email and therefore should forward email from staff to student and use student email as your primary contact.


    Your Microsoft 365 subscription through Griffith is automatically removed after you are no longer actively affiliated with the University.  You should transfer all your files to a personal account before you leave.

    Students are actively affiliated with Griffith if they are:

    Current 2018 graduates

    Changes to graduates / Griffith Alumni email are coming soon.  In the meantime, students who have graduated after 1 November 2018 will retain their Microsoft 365 account including Outlook for student email until further notice.  Access to this Outlook account will continue via MyGriffith Student Email link.

    Name changes and your 365 account

    You can amend your name details via the Griffith Student Centre.  When you change your name, your email address changes as well.  Your old address will become an alias (an alternative email address for you) so don't worry if people still contact you on that address - you will still receive the emails to your new email address.

    Benefits of 365

    The move to Office 365 is the result of a partnership between Griffith University and Microsoft to transform the educational programs and experience of our students both in and beyond the classroom.

    Benefits of 365 include:

    • Access to documents from anywhere (including China!), anytime, with online document creation, storage and collaboration
    • Integrated tools to help you connect with other students or staff from across the University community
    • New applications including Microsoft Teams, a digital hub that brings chat, documents and meetings together in one place
    • Online versions of Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
    • Ability to download Office Apps to 5 PC / Mac in addition to 5 tablets and 5 phones per user
    • Access to new apps and features released by Microsoft to our 365 subscription


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    General enquiries

    If you have any questions about your office 365 account, you can find your answers on Ask Us 24/7.

    For any Office 365 general queries or feedback, email:

    Common questions

    Ask Us

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