About this service

This service supports wireless connection to Griffith’s online resources such as Learning@Griffith, myGriffith, shared drives and the staff portal.

The service also covers remote access to online resources and the internet.

This service is for

  • staff
  • students
  • alumni
  • visitors

What to expect

Wi-Fi access

There are three Wi-Fi networks at Griffith:

Griffith University Wi-Fi

Griffith University is the recommended Wi-Fi network for Griffith students and staff. Griffith’s Wi-Fi service supports a large range of laptop and mobile devices. Setup guides are available to configure devices. Once connected, the following services are also available:

  • Wi-Fi printing, which enables printing from a laptop to any campus common-use printer
  • network storage, which provides Griffith staff and students with secure access to personal files stored on the Griffith file servers


eduroam is an agreement between educational institutions to share access to their Wi-Fi networks to enable inter-institutional roaming. Griffith University staff and students who visit other universities can connect to another university's eduroam Wi-Fi network.  See the how to connect guides for details.

Griffith Public Wi-Fi

Griffith Public Wi-Fi is a free Wi-Fi network intended for visitors who do not have a Griffith account and are not from an eduroam participating institution.

Griffith public Wi-Fi access speeds are likely to be limited to 2 Mbps to provide basic access to the Internet and personal email—similar to hotel or airport hotspot service. Please note: this service blocks access to Griffith student and staff resources including Griffith portal, Learning@Griffith and other internal resources.

Internet access and usage


  • unlimited free internet downloads during off-peak hours (all weekend and between 5pm and 8am weekdays)
  • 50GB internet downloads during peak times at full speed* (up to 1Gbps)
  • unlimited Internet downloads at a slower connection speed* (64kbps) once the 50GB has been used
  • free access to Griffith sites and specific educational sites.

All usage is reset on the first day of the month. Students can check usage at My Internet Account. Download speeds are dependent on connection speeds of your device and your location.

Details on account activation are available online.


  • an internet account that reports back to the relevant department on monthly usage
  • free internet during off-peak hours, which includes weekends and between 5pm and 8am weekdays
  • free access to all on-net sites
  • automatic alerts when usage exceeds $50 in any given month
  • access to My Internet Account, which provides a summary of monthly usage and various reports

Details on account activation are available online.

There is no cost for this service. Internet usage charges are paid for by the University.

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