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With greater coverage over our five campuses, increased connectivity and faster download speeds, Griffith Wi-Fi network is keeping you connected. We provide internet access for education and research purposes to all active students and staff.  All internet traffic is monitored and recorded against your Griffith account. See the University's Information Technology Code of Practice.

Follow the steps to connect

Follow our Getting Connected guides to update your laptop, phone, tablet or other Wi-Fi device to securely connect to the Griffith Wi-Fi network. The set up process will only take a couple of minutes per device.

Getting Connected guides

Getting connected to Griffith Wi-Fi

In August 2019, we made security improvements to existing Griffith Wi-Fi networks which changed the way you connect your device.  To use the Griffith University Wi-Fi network, you now need to install Wi-Fi security settings (known as Wi-Fi certificates) for secure and trusted access to our Griffith network.

Connect your device to the Griffith University Wi-Fi network by following the instructions provided. You will need your Griffith username (sNumber) and portal password to connect.

Select your device to follow our Getting Connected guides

About the setup process:

  • You must be on campus to set up and use the Griffith University Wi-Fi network.
  • Secure Griffith Wi-Fi  access is powered by our partner, SecureW2, so you will see references to SecureW2 JoinNow during the setup process.
  • Instructions vary between devices and software versions.
  • We recommend updating your device to the latest software version before connecting.

Visiting another Educational institution? You may be able to use the eduroam network if you are visiting an educational institution subscribed to the Eduroam federation.

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Eduroam is an agreement between educational institutions to share access to their Wi-Fi networks to enable inter-institutional roaming.

Being part of eduroam federation allows all Griffith staff and students visiting another institution to connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network at these locations.

For a list of eduroam participating institutions, visit the eduroam website.

Connect your device to Eduroam

Griffith Public Wi-Fi

Pay for use Wi-Fi access purchased by credit card or redeem a pre-paid voucher.


When on campus, use the Griffith University Wi-Fi network.

Eduroam network can be used when other educational institutions if they are part of the eduroam federation.

Public Wi-Fi is a free Wi-Fi connection available to University visitors.  Access can be purchased with a credit card or by redeeming a pre-paid voucher.

Both networks are equally reliable and secure.

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Alert services provides the latest information about cyber security news, threats and advisories relevant to Griffith University staff and students. Stay up to date with the latest information here.

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To ensure your device is protected from the latest exploits and vulnerabilities you should always keep your device up to date.

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