I've changed my password via Griffith Portal, how do I update my password on my device to be able to connect to the Griffith University Wi-Fi network

You do not need to update your password to connect.

In August 2019 we updated our Griffith University Wi-Fi network so you no longer have to update your portal password when it changes.

You will still need to update your password to connect to the eduroam network.

I use my favourite VoIP application to make phone calls, but when I connect to the Griffith University Wi-Fi network the application is not working.
There are hundreds of different VoIP applications and it's impossible to know how they all work and which ports they use. Most VoIP applications (including X-Lite, ExpressTalk, etc.) are configurable and can work while you are connected to the Griffith University Wi-Fi network. Go to settings of your VoIP application and manually set the ports that the application uses:
  • SIP Control Port: 5060
  • Media Port range: 16384 - 16403
Windows 8 or 10 does not connect or intermittently drops from the Griffith University Wi-Fi network.

Make sure to update the driver for the Wi-Fi network adapter. In some cases the generic Microsoft driver that is installed by default during the Windows 8 or 10 installation process does not work correctly.

Windows Vista, XP and Phones 8 or 10 Support discontinued by Microsoft

Refer to the Other Windows for information

If you require further assistance please visit Tech Assist for face to face support or contact the Griffith IT Service Centre.

Staff Only

Griffith Wi-Fi settings are automatically configured as part of the standard software installation for Griffith staff Windows laptops and Griffith staff Microsoft Surface device.  Refer to the Staff Windows for information.

If your Wi-Fi is not connecting, do the following:

  • Connect your Windows device to the wired network via the network cable > shutdown completely > restart.
  • In your Wi-Fi settings > select Griffith University

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