Griffith students

As a Griffith student currently enrolled in a course, you are entitled to use Griffith Wi-Fi to access the internet account for study related purposes.

Your use of the internet must be for appropriate and legitimate purposes associated with your study in accordance with the Griffith University Information Technology Code of Practice. All Internet traffic is monitored and logged to your student account.


Your Griffith account includes:

  • unlimited internet downloads during off-peak hours (classified as free usage)
  • unlimited access to Griffith sites and specific on-net educational sites (classified as free usage)
  • 50GB study allowance per month of peak hour, off-net downloads (classified as charged usage); shaped at a slower connection speed* ( 64kbps ) once the 50GB has been used
  • usage reset on the 1st day of the month
  • access to check your own internet usage.

* Download speeds are dependent on connection speeds of your device and your location.

About internet costs (free vs charged usage)

What happens if I use my quota?

If you have used your quota, you can continue accessing the internet but your account will be shaped to a slower download speed (64 kbps ). You will receive a courtesy email alerting you about your usage.

You can ask for more quota via the additional internet quota request form.

Please note internet is provided free of cost for education and research purposes.  To request additional quota, you will need to provide a legitimate study or business reason.

Additional internet quota request

When can I access my account?

Your account is set up automatically when you are enrolled to study at Griffith. Internet and Wi-Fi access is linked to your Griffith username (sNumber) and password. New students will receive access once their enrolment has been processed.

Active student, not currently enrolled in a Griffith course?

If you are an active Griffith student, but are on an approved Leave of Absence, you will have the following access:

  • Access to all Griffith sites and specific educational sites.
  • Free internet during off-peak hours

Deactivation of accounts

Your account will completely deactivate once you are no longer actively enrolled in courses at the University.

Under certain conditions, such as late fee payment, access to the Internet may be suspended. If you are having difficulty logging in to Internet access, try checking:

Be aware that once you are no longer enrolled to study at Griffith, access can be disabled at any time without notice.

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