Bring your own device to work

Love your own laptop, tablet or phone? You can now keep using your own device at work.

Setting up your device


The first thing to do is to set up your device with Griffith wi-fi. Most Griffith high use applications such as accessing your mail, learning@griffith, accessing the library and using standard software like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Teams can all be done using your normal s number login.

As a safety measure when logging into Griffith applications you will need  to login using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure that you are who you say you are.

Many services are accessible through a web browser. However, you may prefer or need to install some applications directly on your device. The most popular applications available for self-service installations includes the following.

  1. Office365 Suite (e.g. Word, Excel)
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud suite (e.g. Photopshop, Acrobat Pro)
  3. Jabber client (Griffith phone)
  4. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  5. Remote AD Connector (Connect to G: H: and Y: drive)

Setting up wi-fi


Jabber is a soft phone that will allow you to answer your Griffith desk phone extension on other devices such as computers, tablets, video phones and smartphones. Jabber is fully integrated with the video conference rooms at the university, so you can join Griffith video conference rooms to participate in a meeting or to call with participants both internal and external to the University.

Jabber will only work for staff members who have their Phone Profile set up on their Griffith extension / video phone. It is optional for you to install the Jabber software on your computer.

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NOTE - Please do not forward your work phone due to limited phone line capacity.


The University provides support for both the online version of Office 365 and its associated desktop applications via self-help resources provided in the Productivity Hub.

You can also head to the App Store to download Outlook and O365 apps for free for your personal devices as well.

  • Official Microsoft apps are the recommended and secure method of accessing content on mobile devices.

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Cyber security

To help keep you safe we recommend you consider the following when using a personal device:

  • Ensure your device is up to date
  • Ensure you are running an antivirus software such as Norton, Malwarebytes, Sophos or Windows Defender
  • Follow Griffith's VPN recommendations
  • Approved Griffith services and software must be used, where this is not plausible please get in touch with IT Service Centre to work out a solution
  • Ensure you have installed MFA on your devices to protect your identity and data

Complete cyber security essentials training

*Where possible it is preferred that you use a Griffith managed device for work related tasks, if your role entails sensitive activities such as managing finances, patient or health records.

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