Improving our data security

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an essential tool against increasing cyber attacks targeting educational institutions, businesses and individuals to obtain confidential data. They do this by collecting usernames and passwords and using these details to compromise systems. You already sign in using your Griffith username and password. MFA adds a second form of identification to confirm that it is you logging in, such as a passcode sent to your computer or mobile device.

PingID is the software that we use to enable MFA.

Proposed timeline for MFA

Stream Stakeholder group Date 
Stream 1  All staff    
  Executive Groups and Council members  22 Jun - 8 Jul
  Business   27 Jul - 29 Jul 
  Sciences   3 Aug - 6 Aug
  AEL   10 Aug - 18 Aug 
  Health   14 Sep - 22 Sep
Stream 2  Vendors, contractors, visitors  5 Oct
Stream 3Emeriti7 Oct
Stream 4            Students T3 - 2020  24 Oct - 20 Nov 
Stream 5 Students T1 - 2021  22 Feb - 5 Mar 2021 
Stream 6 Migration of additional applications to MFA  Throughout project - April 2021

For a detailed timeline for all Griffith groups please see the Multi-Factor Authentication Timetable


For information including How do I change my primary (default) device? see:

Troubleshooting Device registration General queries Using your mobile

MFA overview and demonstration

If you do not have access to YouTube, instructions are available from Microsoft MFA Stream.

Timeline for MFA

Overarching schedule of delivery for MFA Phase 2

Stream Stakeholder group Number of users Date
Stream 1 All staff and Council members 9462 22 Jun - 8 Oct
Stream 2 Vendors, contractors, visitors 1352 5 Oct
Stream 3Emeriti 7 Oct
Stream 4 Current Students T3 2020 70000 19 Oct - 13 Nov
Stream 5 New Students T1 2021 8000 22 Feb - 5 Mar 2021
Stream 6 Bespoke applications 300+ Throughout project

Staff rollout

Phase 1 – Executive groups and Council members​ 22 Jun - 8 Jul
Phase 2 – Academic groups
Business  22 Jul - 31 Jul
Sciences  3 Aug - 7 Aug
AEL  10 Aug - 19 Aug
Break for Health Calendar  14 Aug - 4 Sep
Health  14 Sep - 8 Oct

If you do not have access to YouTube, instructions are available from Microsoft MFA Stream.


A Security Key is a small key which plugs into your computer and, along with your password, is used to authenticate your identity.

  1. If you have a business requirement, such as staff working in international locations where networks may be unavailable or insecure, Griffith will provide staff with a Security Key. If you meet this criteria please contact:
  2. If you have purchasing authority at Griffith
  3. Purchase a Yubikey - Griffith Marketplace

  4. If you wish to purchase a Yubikey personally
  5. Purchase a Security Key - mi.token

Set up MFA with YubiKey as primary authentication methodSet up MFA with YubiKey as additional authentication method

Watch how to login using a YubiKey

MFA enabled applications

    MFA is required to access certain applications. See the full list:

MFA enabled applications


    For information including How do I change my primary (default) device? see:


Project Board members

Project Board Chair

Thomas King (Deputy, Chief Digital Officer)


  • Louise Howard (Director, IT Infrastructure & Cloud)
  • Tash Langham (Senior Executive Officer, Health)
  • Liz Ganesh (Senior Executive Officer, AEL)
  • Chris Frid (Acting Deputy Dean, Sciences)
  • Fabrizio Carmignani (Dean, Business)
  • Ross McLennan (Director, Office of Research)
  • Michael Batzloff (Senior Operations Manager, Institute of Glycomics)
  • Rebecca Seymour (Business Transformation Manager, Student Life)
  • Joanne Nyland (Deputy Director, Advancement Office)
  • Jenna Corby (Student Advocacy, Student Representative Council)
  • Michael Deayton (Underlying Infrastructure, Portfolio Manager)

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