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Griffith is currently migrating email services to Microsoft 365, staff and student have now been completed and Alumni was recently migrated 11 March 2019.

If you are logging in to Office 365 with different accounts (i.e. Staff & Students or Work & Uni) you will need to follow instructions available here:

Log into Outlook 365 with multiple accounts

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Check out our Griffith Productivity Hub. It's a one-stop-shop for resources and self help material. Find out everything you need to know about Outlook 365 and other Microsoft 365 apps.

Griffith Productivity hub

Access to Google Drive and Apps

Griffith moved to Microsoft 365 in 2018.  Prior to the move,Google Apps for Education were available to students and staff including Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Drawings), Sites and Groups.  Access to Google Drive and Apps (excluding email, calendar and contacts) for active students and staff will continue until further notice. These are supported by Digital Solutions via self help documentation.

About Google Apps for Education

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Email is a quick and easy way to communicate, however suspicious or unsolicited emails can be used to steal your electronic identity, compromise your personal information or cause malicious intent.

As email attacks become more sophisticated and increase in regularity, the University has become a target for cyber threats. To mitigate risk, we have implemented the Griffith email security system, (Mimecast) to filter email and improve protection against spam, junk email and messages containing suspicious content. The 4 key features Mimecast use to protect your email are:

  1. Spam Digest
  2. Impersonation (Whaling) Protect
  3. URL Protect
  4. Attachment Security

Important information about Mimecast

Request to release blocked email or attachment

Frequently asked questions

Privacy and Security

The agreement with Microsoft meets Griffith's expectations for privacy and security, and complies with relevant state and federal laws.

  • The University owns data stored with Microsoft; the vendor is simply a service provider
  • The contract with the vendor meets Griffith's expectations for privacy and security, and complies with relevant state and federal laws
  • All communications take place over secure/encrypted HTTPS connections which keeps protects information transmitted across the internet
  • All data is stored on encrypted disks and distributed over multiple data centres so that it cannot be easily breached

Griffith Policies

Email and collaboration tool usage is subject to university policies.  The relevant policies include:

It is important to ensure that any sensitive information is stored appropriately.  Sensitive information includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI) and corporate records.  For more information about appropriate storage options please refer to Information Managements community site.

Troubleshooting and quick tips

Initial setup: how to set language and time zone

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Logging into multiple accounts via Chrome

Set up profiles to access different accounts from Chrome such as your staff and student email account.

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