About Griffith Email Security

To mitigate the risk of the University becoming a target for cyber threats, Mimecast has been implemented as the Griffith Email Security System to filter email and improve protection against spam, junk email and messages containing suspicious content.

4 Key features Mimecast use to protect your email

1. Spam Digest

2. Impersonation (Whaling) Protect

3. URL Protect

4. Attachment Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Release email request

Request to release a blocked email or attachment

Secure messaging

Secure messaging for Griffith Dentistry

Secure Messaging allows the Griffith Dental Clinic to send sensitive and confidential information to external recipients via a secure and private channel.

Secure emails are sent from our standard Griffith email account, however the recipient is sent a link to a Secure Message portal where they can logon to access secure emails and action accordingly.

Who can send a Secure Messaging Email

Only approved Griffith Dental Clinic staff can use Secure Messaging. To request access, complete the Secure Messaging Access Request form. Your request will be sent to Griffith Cyber Security Team for their review and approval. Approval is only granted to staff who have a legitimate business reason for needing this service.

If you are unsure if you should request access, please contact Director, Griffith Health Clinics - Clare Stokes.

Secure Messaging Access Request form

Create a Secure Messaging email

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