Risk management

At Griffith, we undertake many activities that carry a certain level of risk either to the person or the environment. Risk management is a proactive, logical and systematic approach of managing the uncertainty relating to potential risk, rather than responding to injury, incident or damage. We manage these risks through the risk management process, and understand that while not all risks can be completely removed, these can be managed and mitigated or reduced to an acceptable level.

Use the templates below to guide you when completing your Risk Assessment in GSafe.

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Off campus activities

The University strives to provide a healthy and safe work environment for all University staff, students and visitors whilst undertaking work or study. To this end, policies, procedures and guidelines have been developed to aid in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace, whether that workplace is on campus or off campus.

Off-campus activities are recognised as integral to study and teaching. These guidelines and forms provide information for ensuring off-campus work and study is undertaken as safely as possible.


Guidance for safety management, inductions, checklists and forms.


Inspections are a proactive way to evaluate activities and spaces to make sure they are safe. Workplaces should be inspected annually to ensure staff remain in a healthy environment. Various groups undertake these inspections.

Inspection groups

Traffic management plans

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