Do you need support in the workplace due to injury, illness or disability?

Workplace rehabilitation supports staff with injury, Illness and disability to remain at work or return to work safely. It can also minimise the human and financial costs of injury for all stakeholders. Workplace injury management may involve, but is not limited to, treatment, workplace accommodations and reasonable adjustments, suitable duties and/or graduated return to work. Workplace accommodations and reasonable adjustments may be possible to accommodate disability.

Early intervention

The Early Intervention Program entitles eligible Griffith staff to a short course of treatment with a physiotherapist and/or exercise physiologist. Referrals to this program are completed by the Injury and Disability Support team. Your condition does not have to be work-related to apply for the early intervention program

For support with injury, illness or disability, or to enquire about the Early Intervention Program, contact the Injury and Disability Support team.

Work related

If you have sustained an injury at work, you may be entitled to rehabilitation and/or workers compensation.

Non-work related

Workplace support is available for non-work related conditions at the discretion of the University and/or request of the staff member. This may involve early support in the workplace where feasible, or advice on entitlements.

Staff with disabilities

Workplace support is available for staff with disabilities enabling them to work effectively and participate equally. This may involve reasonable adjustments to the workplace or advice for staff and supervisors.

Support Available

Staff members and supervisors are encouraged to contact the Injury and Disability Support team to receive advice on disclosing disability, evacuation plans for staff with disability and support available for staff with disabilities.

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