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Workplace support is available for non-work related conditions at the discretion of the University and/or request of the staff member. This may involve early support in the workplace, where feasible or advice on entitlements.

Early Intervention

The Injury and Disability Support team may be able to assist with an Early Intervention discussion for staff members who claim that pain or injury is impacting their workplace performance.

Workplace rehabilitation may also be offered for non-work-related conditions at the discretion of the University, assisting with recovery and/or minimising risk inflammation of a pre-existing medical condition. This may include situations where the staff member has not had any absences from work but has disclosed that they are unable to undertake certain duties within their role. The University is not obligated to provide rehabilitation for non-work-related injury/illness and will only do so if it is likely to benefit the staff member and does not create undue hardship for the work area.

Support services

The following are examples of where workplace rehabilitation may be relevant for non-work-related injury/illness:

  • prolonged, frequent, recurrent or unexplained work absences;
  • non-work-related psychological or psychiatric illness;
  • return to work after prolonged work absence relating to non-work injury/illness;
  • medical certificate diagnosis indicating concerns regarding staff member's health and safety as a result of a non-work-related medical condition;
  • possible cessation of superannuation temporary incapacity benefits; or
  • WorkCover claim has been denied or finalised and the staff member has not yet returned to pre-injury duties.

For further information regarding rehabilitation for non-work-related conditions, please consult the Guidelines for Non-Work Related Injury and Illness.

Guidelines for Non-Work Related Injury and Illness.

Other Entitlements

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