Griffith University celebrates diversity and promotes equity and inclusion

At Griffith we understand that equity, diversity and inclusion is our strength. Cognitive and demographic diversity and inclusion contribute to increased innovation, productivity, engagement, commitment and job satisfaction. For Griffith, equity, diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do.

To this end, we are focusing on high-value enablers to facilitate greater equity, diversity and inclusion including leadership, monitoring and reporting, targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and recognition and reward. We invite you to browse this website to discover our range of workplace programs, initiatives, resources, facilities and provisions that create an inclusive workplace.

Find out about the role of Griffith Equity Champions here.

Equity has always been part of our ethos as a University and as an employer.  We aim to be a University where people want to work.  This requires practices and policies to build a work environment which reflects the diversity of Australian society and where people and performance are valued.

Professor Ian O'Connor, Vice Chancellor and President.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Griffith staff were born in 102 countries other than Australia and identify 107 different languages other than English as their first language. Griffith values our staff cultural and linguistic diversity and has joined the Multicultural Queensland Ambassador Program. See below for more initiatives and facilities:

Strategies and Plans

Griffith has a range of staff and student plans devoted to progressing equity, diversity and inclusion:

Workplace Gender Equity

Griffith has a long-standing commitment to gender equity. Since 2001 we have an unbroken record as Employer of Choice for Women. In 2016, Griffith won the Women in Technology organisation award. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Ian O'Connor, is a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador and each year HR conduct a gender pay equity analysis which then informs our actions/strategy.

Sexuality, sex and gender (LGBTIQ+) diversity and inclusion

Learn more about how to become a Griffith Ally and complete Walking in Rainbow Shoes:

Equity, diversity and inclusion committees

Griffith has a range of committees devoted to staff and student equity, diversity and inclusion. These include:

  • Equity Committee
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee
  • Reconciliation Action Plan Working Party
  • Athena SWAN Subcommittee
  • Disability Advisory Committee
  • Safe Campuses Taskforce
  • Griffith Pride Working Party
  • Group Equity Committees

First Peoples Employment

Find out more about Griffith’s commitments here including our First Peoples employment video.

Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying

Griffith is committed to providing a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and bullying (including sexual harassment and assault).

  • Complete EO-Online
  • Access Griffith’s Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officer Network and role statement
  • Go to the Griffith Safe Campuses website to learn more on sexual assault and sexual harassment. Access Consent Matters – a free online course that will help you understand sexual consent and how to recognise situations when consent can and can't be given, whatever your gender or sexuality.
  • Search the Griffith Policy Library for policies and procedures (for example, Workplace Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Policy; Resolution of Complaints of Workplace Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Procedures; Student Sexual Assault, Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Policy; Procedures for Reporting and Responding to Student Sexual Assault, Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination.)

People with disabilities

At Griffith University we are always seeking ways to remove barriers to the participation of people with disability in higher education.

We welcome applications for employment from people with disabilities and provide support to staff and managers through workplace assessments and reasonable adjustments.

Workplace Flexibility

Griffith offers a range of workplace flexibility and leave options for all genders and for a range of reasons.

  • For academic staff, flexibility arrangements include a Flexible Work Year and Reversible Part Time Appointment for the Care of Dependents. For more information search the Griffith Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement.
  • For general/professional staff flexibility arrangements include a Flexible Work Year, Reversible Part Time Appointment for the Care of Dependents, Variable Hours and Flexi time. For more information search the Griffith General Staff Enterprise Agreement.
  • Parenting facilities are available on each campus.
  • Parking permits are available for staff who are pregnant – go to the Paying for Parking website and scroll down to Permits and click on the Special Permits tab.
  • Leave provisions include Parental Leave; Family, Cultural Obligations, Domestic and Family Violence and other Special Circumstances Leave (see Enterprise Agreements).
  • Extended Leave Toolkit: Preparation, Keeping in Touch and Returning to Work.
  • Search for childcare using your criteria on the site. For more information on Griffith University childcare click here.
  • Griffith Sport Active Kids - sporting fun for kids (5-13 years) during the school holidays.
  • Children in the Workplace policy.
  • Employee Flexibility Toolkit (Workplace Gender Equality Agency)

Griffith Equity Champions

Equity Champions take an active role in creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for both staff and students.

Equity Champions:

  • are the conduit between the University (through the Equity Committee) and their individual element;
  • play a pivotal role in relaying important messages and issues back to staff;
  • keep equity on the agenda and give equity and diversity objectives a voice at the highest level of the element decision-making process; and
  • inform and excite others about equity, diversity and inclusion at Griffith.

Please contact your element Equity Champion to discuss any opportunities and issues on equity, diversity and inclusion.

Equity Champions are listed in the Griffith University Phonebook.

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