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Griffith University is committed to providing a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and bullying (including sexual harassment and assault). This page provides key information on prevention, support, reporting and resolution.

Safe Campuses

At Griffith University, we all share a responsibility to create respectful and safe campus communities, where assault, harassment and disrespectful behaviours are not tolerated. Find out more about our Safe Campuses initiatives.


Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officers

Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officers (HDCOs) provide information to the University community on policies and procedures related to prevention, reporting and resolution related to discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), sexual assault and bullying.

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Professional Development

All staff are required to complete EO Online - professional development created specifically for the Australian University legislative context. Module 1 should be completed by all staff and Modules 1 and 2 if you have managerial or supervisory responsibilities. The MATE Bystander Program provides workshops on the prevention of violence and harmful behaviour including sexual harassment and assault and bullying.

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Policy Library

Policies and procedures related to discrimination, harassment and bullying can be found in the Griffith policy library including the Staff Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination policy, the Staff Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment policy and Reporting and resolution of staff sexual assault, harassment, bullying and discrimination procedures, Student Sexual Assault, Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination policy and Procedures for reporting and responding to student sexual assault, harassment and discrimination.

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Report a concern

Staff and currently enrolled students of the University may choose to make a report related to discrimination, harassment and bullying using an online form.  Reports from external agencies, members of the public, staff and students concern about safety and wellbeing are also welcome. Anonymous reports can be made.

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The Griffith University staff counselling and coaching program is a confidential wellbeing resource available for all employees and their immediate family.

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