Griffith has a range of workplace flexibility arrangements available to staff

Workplace flexibility is an important attraction, retention and inclusion measure for a diversity of staff.

Flexible Working in our Enterprise Agreements

Griffith's Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement and the Professional & Support Staff Enterprise Agreement outline a range of formal flexibility options.

For academic and professional staff this includes the Flexible Work Year (section 13.4) and Reversible Part Time Appointment for the Care of Dependents (section 13.3).

For professional (general) staff this includes variable hours (section 29.1.3) and Flexi time (section 29.2).

How to submit a flexible work year request

How to apply for a reversible fractional appointment

Breastfeeding, Expressing, Parenting and Parking

Breastfeeding, Expressing and Parenting Facilities are at our Gold Coast, Logan, Mt Gravatt and Nathan Campuses.

Parking Permits are available for staff who are pregnant (see Special Permits - Pregnancy) on the Parking Permits site.

Parenting Facilities

Parking Permits

Childcare and school holiday care

Griffith Early Childhood Education Centres offer quality education and care from three months of age to five years on the Nathan Campus. Search for other childcare using your criteria on the Australian government site.

Griffith Sport Active Kids is run in the school holidays at the Mt Gravatt Campus. Griffith has a Children in the Workplace policy.



Griffith has a range of leave provisions including Parental Leave; Family, Cultural Obligations, Domestic and Family Violence and Other Special Circumstances Leave.

We have an Extended Leave Toolkit to assist those going on long leave.

Leave and benefits

Extended Leave Toolkit

Working from anywhere

Working at Griffith provides the opportunity to work flexibly. Flexibility includes undertaking our duties from time to time in locations that are more convenient and appropriate to the circumstances we experience and are balanced by supporting the achievement of our objectives and outcomes.

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Women's Research Assistance Program

Griffith co-funds the Queensland Government's Women’s Research Assistance Program (WRAP). This scheme provides female researchers with funding to employ a researcher or research/laboratory assistant to help maintain research progress during or immediately following a maternity break. To apply please contact Rebecca Donmann, Research Grants Officer.

For application support and information contact Rebecca Domann, Research Grants Officer, Office for Research.

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