Electrical safety at Griffith

Griffith University must ensure that persons performing electrical work are competent persons in relation to a task.

Undertaking electrical work at Griffith

For workers to undertake electrical work at Griffith University, the person must:

1. Be employed by Griffith University to undertake the role as:

  • An Electrician, or
  • An Electrical Engineer, or
  • Another Trade or Calling that requires limited / restricted electrical work to be undertaken in association with that trade or calling, or
  • A Teaching or Research staff member or Technical Officer assisting the Teaching or Research Staff

2. Hold a current electrical licence under the Electrical Safety Act 2002

3. Be listed on the Electrical Worker Register managed by Campus Life

For more information, please refer to the Griffith University Policy Library for Griffith University’s:

Electrical worker registration

Under the Electrical Safety Act 2002 (Part 4 Licences)

  • 57AB Person conducting a business or undertaking must keep register of licenced workers
  • 57AC Licence holder engaged by person conducting a business or undertaking must notify changes

Workers who are employed are undertaking electrical work, must be registered on the Electrical Worker Register (PDF 234K).

A Registered Electrical Worker must notify Campus Life in writing within 14 days of any changes in the status of their licence, personal details or employment.

To register or notify of changes in registration details, please use the electrical worker form provided.

Test and tag providers

The following contractors have been recommended by Campus Life to carry out testing and tagging work within Griffith University.

Gold coast campus

Company Phone Number Email Address
I & R Electrical 0411 876898 irelectric@aanet.com.au
RMS Test and Tag Electrical (Murray Diaz) 0409 653429 murray.diaz@gmail.com
WIREWERX 0431 236870 cameron@wirewerx.com.au

Nathan campus

Company Phone Number Email address/Website
Elite Test and Tag Brisbane South (Tim Honan)
0432 073605 tim@elite.com.au
Esprit Electrical Services 3245 2853  
Express Test & Tag (Verl Rusovan) 431 009390 rustypie@optusnet.com.au
RMS Test and Tag Electrical (Murray Diaz) 0409 653429 murray.diaz@gmail.com
Testel Australia Pty Ltd 1300 881 116 simon@testel.com.au

Electrical Safety and Compliance Audit

Griffith University established its current Electrical Safety Policy in September 2015 and the Electrical Safety Procedure in April 2016. A contractor was engaged to perform a sample audit of the University’s compliance with the policy and procedure. The sample audit focused on 14 selected Laboratories and Workshops areas across five Griffith University campuses.

The audit was conducted in three phases:

  • Desktop Review
  • Site Inspections (completed August 2016)
  • Reporting and Review


University electrical safety documentation

Health Safety and Wellbeing policy Electrical safety procedure Electrical safety test and tag

Campus life electrical safety documentation

CLF-SAF-BPM-002 Electrical Safety Work Flowchart v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SOP-008 Isolation, Lock-Out, Tag-Out Procedure v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-PER-006 Services Isolation Permit v4.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-PER-007 Removal of Personal Danger Tag and Lock Permit v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SWMS-006 Isolation, Lock-Out Tag-Out SWMS v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SOP-009 Live Work, Fault Finding and Testing Procedure v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-PER-008 Live Work, Fault Finding and Testing Permit v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-PER-009 HV Installation Access Permit v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SWMS-007 Live Work, Fault Finding and Testing SWMS v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-GDE-011 Electric Arc Flash Protection Guideline v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SOP-010 Working in Vicinity of Overhead Lines or Underground Cables Procedure v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-PER-004 Excavation and Trenching Permit v2.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-PER-005 Working near OH Lines and LV Installations Permit v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SWMS-008 Excavation, Trenching and Working near Underground Services SWMS v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SWMS-009 Operating Plant near Overhead Lines and Structures SWMS v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SWMS-010 Working near Overhead Lines and LV Installations SWMS v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SWMS-011 Clearing Vegetation near Overhead Lines and Structures SWMS v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SOP-011 Testing to Connect to Electricity Supply Procedure v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SWMS-012 Testing to Connect to Electricity Supply SWMS v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-FRM-010 Certificate of Electrical Testing Compliance Form v1.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SOP-012 Electrical Test Instrument and Safety Equipment Maintenance Procedure v1.0 Consultation

General safety documentation

CLF-SAF-SWMS-001 Safe Work Method Statement (Template) v3.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-SOP-013 Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) Procedure v2.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-GDE-004 Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) Guideline v2.0 Consultation
CLF-SAF-GDE-003 Portable Ladders Guideline v1.0 Consultation

Safety Leadership Program documentation

CLF-SAF-SOP-005 Safety Leadership Program

1. Meetings

CLF-SAF-SOP-006 Safety Committee Guideline

2. Safety Observations

CLF-SAF-SOP-007 Safety Observations Procedure
CLF-SAF-FRM-013 Safety Observations Record
CLF-SAF-CHK-001 Safety Observations Pocket Card

3. Tool Box Talks

CLF-SAF-GDE-007 Tool Box Talks Guideline
CLF-SAF-FRM-014 Tool Box Talks Record

4. Take 5

CLF-SAF-CHK-002 Take 5 Pocket Card

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