Workers compensation

An employer is legally obliged to take all reasonable steps to provide an injured worker with rehabilitation while he/she is being paid workers compensation. Workers are legally obliged to participate in rehabilitation while receiving compensation.

Who can claim?

All paid employees (including casual staff) at Griffith University may have an entitlement to workers compensation if they were injured:

  • at work; or
  • on the way to or from work; or
  • on a scheduled work break.

Students, volunteers or other unpaid members of the Griffith University community are not entitled to worker's compensation.

If you require further information regarding other types of insurance, please contact your supervisor. There is also information regarding insurance available on the Griffith University Insurance page.

Further information regarding workers compensation is also available at:

Standard Conditions of Workers' Compensation Information Sheet (PDF 186k)

WorkCover Queensland website

What is the process?

As soon as possible after an injury or illness occurs, the injured/ill worker must obtain a workers compensation Medical Certificate from a treating medical practitioner supporting that the injury/illness was the result of a workplace event. It is recommended that the a Fitness for Work Checklist and Letter to the Doctor is completed.

Please advise the Injury and Disability Support team as soon as possible so that they can assist you.

Entitlement to claim compensation begins on the day that you first see a doctor about your injury or illness. However, if your claim is lodged later than twenty days after you first see a doctor, your compensation may not commence until twenty business days before the date that the claim is lodged. You have six months from the date you first saw a doctor to make your claim.

Fitness for Work Checklist (DOCX 61K)

Letter to the Doctor

What is covered?

If a claim is accepted by WorkCover Queensland, all associated medical expenses and any lost time/wages may be covered. If the injury or illness requires an employee to be off work, leave must be entered until a claim is accepted. This leave can be reimbursed once WorkCover makes a claim determination.

If the staff member does not have any leave available, and their claim has not yet been determined, they will not continue to be paid by the University. If they are able to return to work on reduced hours, they will be paid by the University for the hours they work.

Casual employees are paid directly by WorkCover Queensland when injury or illness requires them to be off work, however, the University may be required to pay the excess period, usually the first week of entitlement to the employee directly.

WorkCover Queensland does not cover lost time to attend general medical appointments, while fit for work or suitable duties.

Recover at work

If you have a work-related illness or injury and you are receiving workers compensation, WorkCover Queensland can suspend your compensation payments or benefits if you refuse to participate in rehabilitation. Rehabilitation and suitable duties programs are developed in consultation with you, your doctor and your supervisor. Contact your Injury Management Adviser for further information.

The benefits of rehabilitation are numerous and include:

  • faster recovery and reduced suffering;
  • earlier return to productive work;
  • minimal disruption to working, family and social life;
  • improved job and financial security; and;
  • reduced financial cost to the University.

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