It's important you know where to go for help, and what your options are, when it seems as though the only choice is to cancel your study

When you are struggling to maintain a balance between study and life, there may be times when it simply becomes too difficult to stay on top of it all.

Since you have already dedicated a substantial amount of time and money towards your degree, it's worth taking a moment to see if there is an alternative course of action to help you get through the difficult patch and pick up again when you have things back under control.


change program

Change your program

If you aren't loving what you're studying then there are options available to change your enrolment. If you want to change your program completely, your first stop should be to visit Programs and Courses to find out what's on offer.

Programs and Courses

Once you have decided on a program that's more appealing, you can find out more about the Internal Transfer process.

Internal Transfers

earn some money

Variations to your current enrolment

You might be in the right program, however some things could be adjusted to make your life easier. The below info and applications may help you.

Drop a course

Request course substitution

Request variation to program requirements

Change academic plan or instrument (QCGU students only)

apply for special concideration

Special consideration and circumstances

You may apply for special consideration for an individual assessment item, or all assessment items for a course, if you feel your performance was seriously affected or you were seriously disadvantaged when an assessment item was attempted.

Apply for special consideration

Alternatively, if your study has been adversely affected by special circumstances and the last date to withdraw has passed, you may be eligible to apply for withdrawal without penalty.

Withdrawal due to special circumstances

find peer support

Peer support

Don't underestimate the power of joining a peer mentoring program. These groups are often the place you’ll make new friends, learn about various services and resources within the University that you didn't know existed and overall, start to feel more comfortable and included.

Find a mentor

improve your study skills

Improve your study skills

Griffith students know how things are done at Griffith.  They're studying the same subjects as you.  One-on-one help may be just the thing you need to succeed - it's a good investment in your future.

Our students are highly knowledgeable in a range of different areas, and boast specialist skill-sets that can help you with your studies.

Find a tutor

access support services

Social, emotional and financial support

When you're dealing with a difficult personal situation we understand how hard it can be to stay focused on your study.

At Griffith we know that it can sometimes just be too much to continue without support and that's why there are a great number of resources available and people you can talk to.

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Got questions?

We can connect you to all the answers.

Implications of withdrawing from your program

fee liability

Fee liability

You can drop a course, without receiving academic or financial penalty, up until your course census date.

If you drop a course after the census date, you will still be liable for the fees. The census date for your course can be found on the Programs and Courses website.

View key dates

centerlink status


If you are receiving a Centrelink payment to support your studies, your status will change if you reduce to part time study or withdraw from all of your courses.

Prior to withdrawing, please contact Centrelink to make sure you understand these financial implications.

More info

fail grades

Academic transcript

If you withdraw from a course after the final date for withdrawal without failure, you'll incur financial and academic liability for the course. This will be recorded as a Withdrawal with Failure grade on your academic transcript and will affect the calculation of your Grade Point Average.

However if you were affected by circumstances outside of your control, that resulted in a fail grade, you may qualify for withdrawal due to special circumstances and have this noting removed.

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Careers Employment

Visa conditions

If you have a student visa you must speak with an International Student Advisor before making any decision which affects your enrolment status.

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Having the companionship of fellow students who can relate to and sympathize with your circumstances will help to persevere with your studies.

At Griffith we have many clubs, societies and sporting groups that you can get involved with, where you will meet new people and have the opportunity to focus on something fun and social.

These groups of open to everyone and are a great way to meet new people and learn new skills.

Get involved


The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an elected council, designed to act as a bridge between student and the University. The SRC is run by students, for students and are based at Logan, Nathan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank.

They offer a wide range of services including advocacy, appeals and legal assistance, through to locker hire, mobile phone charging and social events.

If you are on the Gold Coast, the Student Guild offers similar services and activities.

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Apply to permanently withdraw from your program

If you have explored all your options and still wish to withdraw, please complete and submit a withdrawal form.