It's important to understand your options and know where to go for help if you are considering cancelling your studies

Since you have already dedicated a substantial amount of time and money towards your degree, it's also worth taking a moment to see if there is an alternative course of action, or resources you can tap into, to help you get through the difficult patch and pick up again when you feel ready.

It's also important to understand the implications of cancelling your enrolment and withdrawing from your degree program permanently, if that's what you ultimately decide to do. Any changes to your enrolment could affect your Centrelink benefits, or your student visa if you're an international student.

Alternatives to cancelling your enrolment

Cancelling your enrolment

Withdrawing from your degree program and cancelling your enrolment means you no longer wish to study at Griffith University. It is not the same as dropping a course, or taking a temporary break from study with a leave of absence.

If you are unsure if cancelling your enrolment is the best option for you, explore the alternatives below.

If you've considered your options and still wish withdraw from your program, please ensure you understand the implications before following the directions to cancel your enrolment.

Take a break from study

If you require a break from study for a trimester or more, you may apply for a leave of absence.

Domestic students can typically take up to four trimesters' leave of absence or up to two trimesters for honours and other specialty programs.

Students undertaking a single course of study, GUESTS program, cross-institutional study or six-week teaching periods are not eligible for a leave of absence.

International students can take a leave of absence for one trimester, but only in certain circumstances. International students must also gain approval from their International Student Advisor before applying for a leave of absence.

Please note that any leave you take could affect your student visa or any Centrelink payments. Report any change of circumstances to Centrelink to avoid overpayment.

Switch to part-time study

If you have a lot on your plate, reducing your study load to part-time could help you balance work, life and study. Continuing your studies rather than cancelling them altogether also keeps you on track to achieving your career goals.

Keep in mind however that reducing your study from full-time to part-time can affect any Centrelink payments.

If you're an international student, you must first book an appointment with an International Student Advisor before making changes to your study load as this may affect your student visa.

If you have any questions about your options for part-time study, just reach out to Student Connect.

Drop a course

You can drop a course without academic or financial penalty up until the course's census date.

Keep in mind dropping a course may reduce your study load, which can affect any Centrelink payments or your student visa if you're an international student.

If you drop a course after the census date but before the final date to withdraw without failure, you will incur fees for the course. This will be recorded as a Withdrawal grade on your academic transcript but won't be counted in the calculation of your Grade Point Average.

If you drop a course after the final date for withdrawal without failure, you'll incur fees and be penalised academically. You will have a Withdrawal with Failure grade recorded on your academic transcript and this will affect the calculation of your Grade Point Average.

If your study has been adversely affected by special circumstances however and the last date to withdraw has passed, you may be eligible to apply to withdraw without penalty.

Change your degree

If you don't love what you're studying, it may be worth exploring the switch to a different Griffith degree program.

Visit Programs and Courses to find out what's on offer. If you find a program that's more appealing, you can apply for an internal transfer into your desired degree.

Remember, you can also reach out to Student Connect for advice on your study progression.

Our Careers and Employment service also has useful career planning resources, which may help you discover where your passions lie and the degree you need to achieve your career goals.

Apply for special consideration for assessments

You may apply for special consideration for an individual assessment item, or all assessment items for a course, if you feel your performance was seriously affected or you were seriously disadvantaged when an assessment item was attempted.

Please note: special consideration only applies under exceptional circumstances.

Access advice and support

We know it can sometimes just be too much to continue without support. That's why there are a great number of resources available and people you can talk to.

For example, if you would like to talk to someone about your study options, reach out to Student Connect.

If you are concerned about your mental health and wellbeing, you may like to speak with a counsellor or explore other resources at our Online Health and Wellness Centre.

For study support, check out the Library's study resources or connect with a study support student mentor.

Ultimately, we want you to succeed and you can find all our support services at the student support website.

Implications of cancelling your enrolment

Cancelling your enrolment means permanently withdrawing from your program and all your currently enrolled courses, and can have academic and financial consequences.

If you cancel your enrolment after the census date of your courses, you will still be liable for the fees.

If you cancel your enrolment after your courses' final dates to withdraw without failure, a Withdrawal with Failure will be recorded on your academic transcript and will affect your Grade Point Average.

If the census dates have passed and the reason for your withdrawal falls within the limits of special circumstances, you may request a withdrawal without penalty.

Cancelling your enrolment may also affect any Centrelink payments. Please check with Centrelink before cancelling your enrolment to understand how you may be impacted.

If you are an international student, you must speak with an International Student Advisor before cancelling your enrolment as this will affect your student visa.

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