What is UniSport Nationals?

The UniSport Nationals Div 1 & Div 2 is Australia’s largest annual multi-sport event, taking place 24 - 30 September 2022, in Perth. We will be sending a team of Griffith University students to compete against 43 other universities to compete in men's, women's, mixed and open categories (dependent on the sport) which will see over 50 competitions held during the seven-day event at venues across  Perth.

Individuals and teams competing in Nationals Div 1 are all contending for the overall championship titles in their chosen sport and are trying to avoid relegation to Div 2! Individuals and teams competing in Div 2 have the hope of winning their sport/division to be promoted to Div 1 the following year.

We will assist you in all aspects of the lead-up and throughout the competition, including registration, trials, training, uniforms, merchandise, team bonding events, and more.

The sports Griffith University are eligible to compete in (based on previous years results) are listed below. In team sports, we are only able to send one team, per sport, per division. Therefore, there will be trials held early to help us select our team. You can trial for multiple sports, however, in most instances, you will only be able to Represent Griffith in one sport. For individual sports, you will need to adhere to the UniSport Australia eligibility requirements such as qualifying times for that specific sports event. If your sport isn't listed below refer to the Standalone Events page as your sport may occur at a different time of year.

Please note – registration is not complete until the first payment is made.

What you need to know

The UniSport Nationals will be held in Perth between 24 - 30 September 2022. If you are interested in representing Griffith, you will need to fill in the interest form (opening soon).  Following your submission, we will be in contact with further information. If trials are required you will be notified via email. Please refer to the 2022 Sports Trials Website for more information which will regularly update with trial information. Following our team announcement, each sports Griffith Team Leader will coordinate training and help manage individual teams in the lead up to the event.

  1. Fill in the Registration Form (even before trials to show your interest and we can contact you with more sport-specific information, you aren't confirmed into a team by doing this).
  2. Griffith Team Leaders (GTL's) are current students appointed by Griffith University to help manage each sport team. GTL’s will contact you with more information once you have filled in the registration form.
  3. The 2022 Nationals Trial period will be announced soon. All trial information will be officially announced in May, however, we encourage you to regularly check the website for updates. You must attend trials to be considered for a team. If you were unable to attend a trial, and want to apply for special consideration you'll need to fill out our Trial Absentee Form. Trials are required for sports that exceed our maximum numbers and therefore not all sports will have an associated trial. For further details regarding the trial process, including trial dates and sport-specific information, please visit the 2022 Nationals Trials Website.
  4. Team sports squads will be announced via our social media and email.
  5. Individual Sports will not require a trial, however, you will need to meet the UniSport Australia Qualification requirement policy and then get in touch with Griffith Team Management for more information via represent@griffith.edu.au.
  6. Once you have been confirmed (either in a Team or Individual Sport), you will be required to pay your selection bond and receive your sports team code from your GTL. Failure to pay these by the required due dates will forfeit your place in the team.
  7. You will then need to make any remaining payments by the due dates. Please see Payment & Confirmation Tab for more information.
  8. Please note - registration is not confirmed until you have made your first payment by the required deadline.

Payment is made up of instalments to cover your full experience. 

Payment TypeAmount Due DatePayment Link
Griffith Sport Package Payment 1 (including team uniform & inclusive of $100 Selection Bond)$25707.07.2022TBC
Griffith Sport Package 2 (including team uniform)$25728.07.2022TBC
UniSport Registration Fee$20012.08.2022TBC
Griffith Sport Package 3 (including team uniform)$2579.09.2022TBC

Prior to making any payments, please ensure you refer to the Payment FAQ for further information regarding the payment conditions.

The bond payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. However, if you compete at UniSport Nationals Div or Div  2, your bond will be refunded post-event pending any breaches of the Griffith University Behavior Guidelines.

However, if an athlete withdraws and finds a replacement athlete,  the athlete may organise a transfer of bond between themselves. This must be approved by the Griffith Team Leader and the Sport Development Officer.

If an athlete withdraws without a replacement player, there will be no refunds on the selection bond or Griffith Sport packages. Upon withdrawing without a replacement, an athlete forfeits receiving their uniform or relevant associated Griffith Sport merchandise.

All athletes must wear the full Griffith University uniform. The relevant Griffith Team Leader will provide details about this process and what is required. If an athlete has represented Griffith University in the past three years, they will be required to have their full uniform signed off by the Griffith Team Leader for approval. If there are items missing, or an athlete does not have a uniform, they will need to pay for the sports required uniform. If an athlete does not purchase the full uniform by the due date, they will not be able to participate in the event.

There is no accommodation or transport included in the package costs.

Register now for 2022 Nationals

Sports Available (Div 1)

Australian Rules Football (M), Badminton (W/M), Baseball (O), Basketball (M), Beach Volleyball (M/X) Cheer & Dance (X), Cycling, Fencing (M/W), Football (W), Golf (W), Hockey (W), Lawn Bowls, Netball (W/X), Rowing (W), Rugby 7's (M/W), Softball (W), Touch (W,M,X) and Waterpolo (M/W)

(M - Mens, W - Womens, X - Mixed &  O - Open)

Note: Div 1 & Div 2 are subject to change due to the number of teams entered. We will update participants and the website in the instance of a promotion or relegation.

Registrations will open soon.

Sports Available (Div 2)

Australian Rules Football (W), Basketball (W), Beach Volleyball (W),  Cycling,  Football (W/M), Futsal (M/W), Golf (M), Handball (X), Hockey (M), Judo, Kendo, Lacrosse 5's, Lawn Bowls (X), Netball, Rowing (M), Softball (W), Squash (M/W), Table Tennis (M/W) Taekwondo, Tennis (M/W), Ten Pin Bowling (X), Ultimate, and Volleyball (M/W)

(M - Mens, W - Womens, X - Mixed &  O - Open)

Note: Div 1 & Div 2 are subject to change due to the number of teams entered. We will update participants and the website in the instance of a promotion or relegation.

Registrations will open soon

The 2022 Nationals Trial Dates Now Live!

Become a Griffith Team Leader

Each sport that competes at the 2022 Nationals (Div 1 and Div 2) is required to have a Griffith Team Leader (GTL) to assist in the coordination and management of their team. In most cases, a Brisbane and Gold Coast GTL will be appointed to each sport.  There are a number of benefits associated with our leadership program and it is a great way to get involved!  Applications will open soon!

Contact us

Contact us

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