Social sport terms and conditions

In order to create a fun, safe and fair environment for social sport we have outlined a set of rules that teams must abide by. By participating in social sport you acknowledge that you have accepted these terms and conditions.



Once you have successfully registered in your desired competition, a confirmation email will be sent to your team captain. It is the team captain’s responsibility to check enrolment listed is correct and to inform the Social Sport Coordinator of any change needed. All correspondence regarding the competitions will be sent to the nominated team captain throughout the season, primarily through email. This can include updates, news and fixtures information. The team captain is responsible for all communications to their team members for the duration of the season. When competitions have multiple divisions, every attempt will be made to place teams in the division that reflects the playing grade indicated during the registration process. No refunds will be offered for teams on the basis that they were not placed in their preferred division. Teams may be moved up or down divisions after the completion of the second round of matches. All fixtures will be generated once registrations have closed and team captains will be emailed as soon as possible and no less than 24 hours in advance of the first fixture date. Should a change to the draw occur within 24 hours of the competition, the team captain will be notified via phone as well as email.


Once you have successfully registered in your desired competitions, you'll receive a confirmation email. You need to ensure that you have registered and paid to be considered to go into a team. Team placings are allocated in a first-in, first-served basis.

Griffith Sport will attempt, where possible, to put friends into the same team, however this happens at a maximum of three fully registered and paid participants (such as you and two others). If you have more than this, you will need to look at the full team registration option. Please note you must email the Social Sport Convenor prior to registrations closing in order to be considered.

All fixtures will be generated once registrations have closed and each individual will be emailed with the full list of your teammates with names, emails, and phone numbers. You then discuss between your team regarding team uniforms etc.

You will be emailed as soon as possible with regards to fixtures and no less than 24 hours in advance of the first fixture date. Should a change to the draw occur throughout the season within 24 hours of the competition, we will contact you via phone as well as email.

  • Please note competitions are 10, 8 or 5 weeks in duration, which includes finals. Seasonal duration information can be found on each sports web page.
  • Griffith Sport monitors all team names that are chosen and will be in contact with team captains if the team names need to be changed to something more acceptable.
  • When generated, fixtures and results for each sport will be posted on Social sport.


Sport-specific rules are available under each sport on Social sport . All players have a responsibility to know and adhere to the rules. Any questions regarding the rules should be limited to prior to the commencement of games or during breaks considering the limited time slots for games.

If a player has a concern about a referee or official’s calls, they may approach the sport convenor for the competition. These convenors can be identified as they wear a red Griffith Sport polo shirt. The convenor will determine whether the rulings are fair and assist where needed. All rules made by officials and convenors are final.

Player eligibility

  • All participating players must be fully registered with Griffith Sport by registering into their chosen sport and team on the website. Individual registrations should simply register as an individual and we will place them into a team. All team captains are responsible for ensuring that every team member is officially registered within their team prior to taking part in any competition.
  • Teams that play matches with players not registered against their online team roster will forfeit their game score.
  • All players must be appropriately signed in for every game prior to taking the field/court. This is achieved by signing in at the competition desk prior to the game for field sports or by listing a players first and last name on the scoresheet for all court sports. Photo ID may be required to confirm identity of players at the time of sign in.
  • Players can only be registered with one team in each competition type within each sport.

Example 1: a player cannot play in a mixed basketball team division 1 and then play in another team in mixed basketball division 2. This is classed as the same competition type.

Example 2: a player cannot play in two different Mixed Basketball teams within the same division. This is classed as the same competition type.

Example 3: a player CAN play in a Mixed Basketball team Division 1, and then play in a Men’s Basketball team division 2, as this is a different competition type.

The Match Official and the Convenor must be notified of any suspected player eligibility breaches as soon as possible. Action against the offending team(s) will only be taken if the aforementioned staff are notified prior to the conclusion of the Half Time break for any given match. Breaches of these rules will result in a forfeit match for the offending team(s). If breaches occur in multiple matches during a season, the offending team(s) can be removed from the competition. No refunds will occur.

Gender eligibility

Griffith Sport understands that gender diversity refers to a diverse range of gender expressions and identities and welcomes all persons to Griffith Sport events. Griffith Sport does recognise gender divisions endorsed by National Sporting Organisations, which may be as follows:

  • Men's: participation is restricted to those who identify as male
  • Women's: participation is restricted to those who identify as female
  • Open: participation is unrestricted by gender
  • Mixed: participation is restricted to the proportion of male and female students as prescribed in the rules of that particular sport.

Griffith Sport adopts National Sporting Organisation rules, regulations and policies in relation to gender where available and in line with anti-discrimination laws. Griffith Sport also takes into account International Olympic Committee guidelines when it comes to eligibility to compete in male and female competitions. It may be inappropriate to offer participation in all competitions where the strength, stamina or physique of competitors is relevant to a sport and on this basis a sport may not be open to all competitors. Griffith Sport will not restrict entry to sports except where strength, stamina or physique is relevant to the sport.


  • To be eligible to play in finals matches, players must be fully registered and have played at least half of the scheduled round matches for the team in question.
  • In order to be officially recorded as playing in a match, the player must have signed in on the sign in sheet at the competition desk for field sports or had their first and last name recorded on the score sheet for a court sport. In both cases players must also be registered on the online team player roster as well. It is up to the team captain of each team to ensure all players sign in each game and are registered in order to meet this requirement come finals.

Prior to finals, the Social Sport Coordinator can send a list of eligible players to the team captain upon request. These listed players will be the only players eligible to play in the final. No exceptions will be made and if found guilty of playing an ineligible player, the team will be disqualified and the next ranked team will take their place.

Score Sheets

Match Results

Scores from each match will be available to view online within 24hrs from the completion of a match. All fixture results and ladder standings can be viewed by following the links on each Social Sports webpage. Any concerns regarding published scores can be raised via email with the Social Sport Coordinator.


5-a-side Soccer, 7-a-side Soccer, Touch Football, Flag Gridiron & Volleyball

The referee assigned to each match will be the sole scorer for the game. At any time during the match or in the breaks a player can ask the referee for the current score.

Netball & Basketball

At least one representative from each team is required to assist with recording the score and match information on the score-sheet for the duration of the game. This representative can be a substitute player, manager, coach or a supporter. The scorers from each team should sit together when scoring and assist each other to ensure the correct results are recorded. If your team does not have an available representative then you should regularly confer with the opposing team’s scorer to verify the current score. Any questions about how to fill out the score-sheet can be directed to the Match Official or the Sports Convenor.


At the end of each match a player from each team must sign the score-sheet to verify the final game score. If there is any concern about the score this should be raised with the Match Official and the Sports Convenor immediately.


General uniform rules

  • It is compulsory for all players to wear appropriate enclosed sports shoes. Prior to the commencement of the game, the referee shall inspect players’ footwear to ensure that they are appropriate. If they are deemed not to be appropriate, the player will not be able to take the field.
  • No player can take the court while wearing jewellery of any kind. This must be removed prior to the game. The referee will ask any player breaking this rule to remove the piece of jewellery before participating in the game.
  • Long or sharp fingernails are to be trimmed or taped.

Sport-specific uniform rules also apply.

5-a-side Soccer, 7-a-side Soccer, Touch Football and Flag Gridiron

  • All participating players are to wear a set of matching playing tops with numbers on the back. Each player is to wear an identical coloured shirt and it must be numbered on the back at minimum of 15 cm high and at least 1cm thick. Each player is required to wear the same number for each week of the competition.
  • No taped numbers allowed
  • In sports where there is a goal keeper, this person may wear a different coloured top to that of the rest of the team. A bib of contrasting colour may be used if desired. Teams are expected to provide their own bib to use if this is the case.
  • Alternatively teams can opt to wear numbered playing bibs instead of a uniform provided that each team member has an identically coloured top underneath the playing bib. Teams must provide their own set of bibs for the duration of the competition.
  • If there is a clash between teams, a set of bibs will be provided by the Sports Convenor to distinguish between both teams, which will need to be returned at the end of the game. Should they not be returned at the conclusion of the game, a $50 fine will apply.


  • All participating players are to wear the same colour playing uniform with positions clearly marked. This can include dresses or body suits or shirts or singlets and shorts and skirts as long as the type/ colour/ pattern is consistent and identical for all team members. For mixed competitions male players can wear shorts (no pockets) and a playing shirt/singlet so long as the colour and pattern is consistent and identical with the female player’s uniforms.
  • Alternatively teams can simply choose to wear position playing bibs provided that each team member has an identically coloured top underneath the playing bib. Teams must provide their own set of bibs for the duration of the competition.
  • Bibs can be hired from the Sport Convenor on the night for $10 per game, correct change only paid at team check-in time. Online payments are available via the Griffith Pay Portal and the electronic emailed receipt must be shown when checking in to the Convenor. These are to be returned at the end of the night. Failure to return the bibs will result in a $50 fine.
  • If there is a clash between teams, alternate coloured bibs will be provided by the Sports Convenor to distinguish between both teams


  • All teams must wear matching tops. Numbers must be visible on the back of the playing top, it is also preferred but not required for numbers to be displayed on the front of the playing top as well. No player from the same team may wear the same number. Numbers must only be 4–15, 20–25, 30–35 and so on. Each player is required to wear the same number for each week of the competition.
  • Alternatively teams can opt to wear numbered playing bibs instead of a uniform provided that each team member has an identically coloured top underneath the playing bib. Teams must provide their own set of bibs for the duration of the competition.
  • If there is a clash between teams, a set of bibs will be provided by the Sports Convenor to distinguish between both teams which will need to be returned at the end of the game. Should they not be returned at the conclusion of the game, a $50 fine will apply.

Volleyball, Ultimate and Badminton

All participating players are to wear a set of matching playing tops. Each player is to wear an identical-coloured shirt.

Breach of uniform rules

From round 3 of the competition, for each player on a team who is not in an identical team uniform as per the rules with the correct numbers displayed on the back, one goal/point/try equivalent will be awarded to opposition team prior to the start of the match for every incorrect item.

Example 1: The team’s uniform is a black shirt with numbers on the back. One player is wearing a red shirt with a number on the back and another player is wearing a black shirt with no number. The match will start with a two-goal advantage to the opposing team.

Example 2: Two players on the same team have the same uniform and the same number: The match will start with a one-goal advantage to the opposing team.

Example 3: Two players from one team and one player from the opposing team are not in the correct uniform. The match will start with a two (2) – one (1) goal advantage to the opposing team.

SportMaximum bonus points awarded
5-a-side Soccer 5 points
7-a-side Soccer 3 points
Badminton 2 points (at the start of each game)
Basketball 10 points (2 points per each player infraction)
Flag gridiron 7 points
Netball 7 points
Ultimate7 points
Volleyball 6 points (at the start of each game)


If a team cannot get enough players to fill the minimum requirements to start a game, they must inform the Social Sport Coordinator as soon as possible. In order for the Social Sport Coordinator to give adequate notice to opposing teams, the forfeiting team must advise via email at least 24 hours in advance of a weekday game and for any weekend games, notice must be given prior to 2 pm on the Friday before the game.

The following are the points penalties for forfeiting teams:

Sport Competition points For and against score
Badminton 0 0–5 (0–21)
Basketball 0 0–30
Flag gridiron 0 0–21
Netball  0–15
Touch 0 0–5
Volleyball 0 0–3 (0–25)
5-a-side 0 0–10
7-a-side 0 0–5
  • If you notify the Social Sport Coordinator less than 24 hours before your game or you fail to notify at all, then you will be deducted one (-1) competition point and penalised double the appropriate for and against points for your sport.
  • You will also incur a $50 forfeit fine payable 48 hours prior to your next fixture.
  • Failure to pay the forfeit fine in the required time will result in the deduction of one (-1) competition point each round until this fee has been paid.
  • Griffith Sport reserves the right to remove any teams from the competition at any time, without refund, if multiple forfeits occur.

Injury and insurance

A player may call for ‘time' due to an injury or illness, although the decision to stop play shall be at the sole discretion of the Referee. If a player is injured, it is their or their team mates responsibility to immediately inform the Referee.

For a minor injury, the referee should send the injured player or a bystander to the Sport Convenor for first aid treatment and to collect an Injury Report Form. The injury report form must be completed by the injured or another responsible person before they leave the venue for further treatment.

The referee can stop a game for any period of time to deal with an injury, time for medical emergencies will not be added on to the final half during round games. Should a medical emergency result in less than half the game being played then teams will receive two competition points each for a draw.

For a medical emergency, the referee is to remain with the injured player and send somebody else to inform the Sport Convenor of the emergency.

During time for injury, all players must remain on the field unless involved in a substitution. In the event that a player is bleeding, they must leave the field immediately and not return until the wound has been cleaned and all blood and blood stained items have been removed and covered.

More information regarding injury and insurance information can be found on the injury and insurance information page.

Safety recommendations

All participants in any Social Sport competition play at their own risk. Griffith Sport recommends the use of approved injury-reduction items by players during matches.

Arm castes: Individuals are unable to participate in matches if they have a hard medical caste on any part of their body. If a player is unsure whether they will be allowed to take the field/court then contact the Social Sport Coordinator at least one business day prior to the scheduled match. The match official’s decision on game day is final if no confirmation has been sort by the Social Sport Coordinator.

Glasses: Griffith Sport highly recommends any individuals with vision impairments refrain from wearing standard seeing glasses when participating in any sport competition. Contact lens or prescription sport glasses should be worn as an alternative to prevent injury if a player is struck in the face with a ball.

Jewellery: To prevent injury to oneself and others all jewellery must be removed prior to the commencement of any match. Jewellery includes but is not limited to: rings, watches, bands (including fitness devices), earrings, studs and other piercings. In approved circumstances ear or face studs and piercings can be properly covered instead of being removed. This permission should be sort prior to a match commencing by speaking to the Sports Convenor. Unless otherwise confirmed in writing prior to the match the referee has final discretion regarding the use or wearing of any forms of jewellery.

Fingernails: Fingernails that are of excessive length need to be cut prior to the commencement of a match so that the nail does not extend past the end of the finger. Approved playing gloves may be worn instead of having the nails trimmed.

Shin guards and pads: Griffith Sport recommends all participants wear shin guards or pads when playing in any soccer competition.


Refunds are only available if requested at least five working days prior to a competitions registration closing date at Griffith Sport’s discretion. In order to apply for a refund, an individual or team must submit their case in writing via email to the Social Sport Coordinator, taking note of the time frame required. All refunds of this nature will require an administration fee deducted from any fees paid. After this time no refunds are available.

Should a competition fail to go ahead at all due to limited number of registrations, Griffith Sport will contact all individuals and teams to advise of this and the steps required to get a full refund in this case.

Wet weather

In the case of games being rained out, a message will be placed on the Social Sport Facebook Page. A call will be made by 4 pm on the day for weekday competitions, and by noon for Sunday competitions. If there is no wet weather post on the Facebook Page, then games will still go ahead as scheduled. It is the responsibility of the team captain to find out if games have been cancelled; Griffith Sport may not be able to individually contact each team.

Griffith Sport will aim to reschedule any rained-out matches, although we operate under strict time limitations. Rescheduled matches may result in rounds where teams will play double header matches on a given night. If there is an instance where we are unable to reschedule matches these games will be declared not played. Results for these matches will be treated as a draw and two competition points will be award to any teams affect that round.
Should any finals games be rained out/unplayable, all steps will be taken to reschedule the game.

Media and publications

Social Sport participants consent to the use of their name, image, photographs, video and comments in any publications and marketing in relation to Social Sport by Griffith University.

Privacy statement

Griffith Sport collects, stores, and uses personal information only for the purposes of administering Griffith Sport programs and services. The information collected will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except to meet government, legal or other regulatory authority requirements. For further information, consult the University's Privacy Plan.

Conduct of players and teams

This competition is social and is conducted in a positive environment. All players and spectators must conduct themselves in a respectful, safe and appropriate manner.

Griffith Sport does not tolerate rough play, abusive or derogatory language, back chat, any negative behaviour or challenge to the referee’s authority (or similar). Team captains must take responsibility for their teams and ensure all matches are contested in the spirit of the game. Players participating as individuals on an assigned team will treat their new team members fairly and with respect while partaking in any Social Sport competition.
No player or spectator can be under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst at the sporting venues. Such behaviour will result in immediate removal of offenders from the premises.

The referee is entitled to send off any player at any stage for any reason for any period of time if they feel it necessary to do so for player safety or their ability to effectively control the game. The decision regarding whether this player can be replaced during this time is at the discretion of the referee.

Dependant on the seriousness of the disciplinary breach, players may be penalised, sent off for a period of time (without being replaced), or sent off for the remainder of the match. A player sent off for the match can take no further part in that game or the next game. No substitute player is allowed to replace a player who is sent off in the game in which the dismissal occurred. The team of a player sent off from a match in such circumstances will also be deducted one (-1) competition point.

At the discretion of the Sport Convenor and Griffith Sport Management, serious infringements by any player, team official or spectator will be further investigated in accordance with the Griffith University Social Sport Disciplinary Regulations.

CovidSAFE Guidelines

Team sign in process

  • All participants must be fully registered and listed on their team players list. Player profiles must be up to date with First name, Last name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Date of Birth and Residential Address. Any teams with unregistered or incompletely registered players participating in a match will have their game score forfeited;
  • Anyone who is feeling sick with symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough or shortness of breath will not be permitted to play or attend the venue. Please ensure that you stay home until you are feeling better;
  • All users must maintain good hygiene at all times – wash your hands, use sanitizer, cough into your elbow or a tissue, throw tissues away immediately and wash your hands;
  • If you identify as a someone in a high-risk vulnerability category for COVID-19, we advise that you consider the advice from government health authorities before coming to the Centre.
  • Non-playing spectators are not permitted on site;
  • All users must maintain social distancing at all times when off the playing areas – 1.5m from others and maintain 1 person per 4m2.
  • This will be an “Arrive, Play, Go” set-up. Participants should not enter the venue more than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled game time. If players arrive early, they must wait in their vehicles until it is 10 minutes prior to their game.
  • While games are taking place any substitute players must maintain 1 person per 4m2 distance and ensure they are clearly separated from substitute players from other teams.
  • Please be mindful about gathering before or after your game – staff will ask you to move on should you not abide by social distancing requirements
  • Participants must refrain from any physical in game and post-game celebrations - No hugging, handshaking, hive fives, fist bumps etc. We encourage players to cheer for their team and verbally congratulate the opposing team with 3 cheers at the end of each game
  • At the conclusion of a game, participants are to immediately vacate the playing venue to allow for the cleaning of the facility, equipment and to minimise the contact with other participants.

When you are at the venue

  • Hand sanitiser will be available at each facility and wash basins at venues with attached toilet blocks;
  • All users are to come dressed and ready to play, there are no changerooms or showers available at the venue
  • All users are to bring their own filled drink bottle, there is no access to water fountains at the venue;
  • These guidelines have been put in place so you can enjoy the centre safely, failure to implement such guidelines successfully will mean closure of the venue;
  • Please respect all staff at the venue, these guidelines have been put in place so you can enjoy the Social Sport season safely, failure to implement such guidelines successfully will mean postponement of the competition.

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