What to do if you're injured

If you injure yourself in any of the Griffith Sport Social Sport competitions, you must ensure you report your injury to the Sport Convenor at the venue when the injury occurs, or within 24 hours by calling (07) 3735 7553.

The Sport Convenor on site is also the nominated first aid officer who has the ability to administer first aid, when required. When you report an injury, an Incident Report form will be completed by the Convenor to report your injury to the Insurance Department of the University.

Insurance claims

Please read the following Griffith University Personal Accident document before proceeding through the claim process below.

Claims process

Should you wish to claim insurance for the injury the following process is to be followed:

  1. ACE Claim Forms must be submitted to claims_griffithuniversity@ajg.com for processing. The insurer will handle all of the University claims directly with the claimant or via the Insurance Office.
  2. Claims should be lodged with all supporting documentation by sending a completed claims form via email or alternatively via fax or registered mail as listed on the appropriate form.
  3. ACE will confirm that they have received a claim form to the University's Insurance Department who will request confirmation from Griffith Sport that the person is eligible to claim and also that the incident occurred and was part of University approved activity.
  4. In the case of a sporting injury, the student may be able to claim under an Associations Insurance program (As an example, if you play AFL and they have their own insurance, the claimant must claim on that policy first or have written confirmation that it is not covered).
  5. All further communication regarding the claim will be between ACE and the claimant. The University office does not get involved in the claim process unless requested by either the claimant or the insurer. This also goes for requesting information on the 'well-being' of the claimant.

Information on Griffith University insurance program can be found on the Griffith University insurance website.

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Social sport injury and insurance enquiries

For more information on injury and insurance please call or email us.

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