Griffith Password Manager

Griffith has partnered with LastPass, a password manager to help you create, store and manage strong, unique passwords for all of your Griffith Enterprise accounts.

This Cyber security improvement is an integral part of the Griffith University Integrity Program.  Hackers break into computers by guessing passwords. A strong password provides essential protection from identity theft. LastPass is a tool that can help you manage your passwords securely. Remember, cyber security is everyone's business!

About LastPass

  • LastPass remembers passwords in your vault and logs you into your online accounts as you work.
  • Provides secure methods to store and share Enterprise passwords.
  • Promotes the use of long and complex passwords - perform a Security Challenge for feedback on your password strength and tips to improve your passwords.
  • Access LastPass with a single Master Password -  your Master Password should be strong, unique and memorable. If you forget or lose the password to your LastPass Enterprise account, Griffith or LastPass can not reset your password.
  • LastPass Enterprise is available to store Griffith Enterprise passwords - it is not recommended to store personal information.  Set up a personal LastPass Free account and link it to your Griffith Enterprise account.
  • Griffith LastPass administrators do not have access to information stored in enterprise accounts;  administrators can only perform management activities such as provisioning or deleting an account and security metrics.

How to setup and access your LastPass account

Drop-in sessions: Now completed

We have completed our LastPass drop-in sessions for 2019.  We currently do not have any session scheduled for 2020.

Watch a LastPass training video

Request a staff LastPass account

Master Passwords: What you need to know

With LastPass, you can have one strong "master" password to protect the passwords of all your other accounts. You are prompted to create the Master Password when you initially sign up for your LastPass account. You will be required to change your master password every 180 days.

When setting a master password you must:

  • Create a long, strong master password that is memorable. Consider making a passphrase similar to: 2020TravelMadagascarveryexcited!
  • Never share your master password with anyone, including Griffith or LastPass administrators.
  • Never use your master password as the password for any other account, including your University account. It should be unique.
  • Create at least one master password recovery option (e.g. password hint, SMS).
  • Never forget your Master Password.

Griffith or LastPass can not reset your password or recover any of your stored data. If you forget your password and do not have a recovery option set, we can only delete your account and provision a new account. This configuration is intentional – it ensures that no one else has access to your passwords or private information.

LastPass Help Centre

For additional help resources, the LastPass Help Centre is available to ask a question or search the LastPass knowledge base.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I forget my Master Password?

Griffith University or LastPass Customer Care have no knowledge of your Master Password. It is not possible for Griffith or LastPass Customer Care to reset or change a user's Master Password if it is forgotten.

If you forget the Master Password to your LastPass account, you can regain access to your account using mobile account recovery for iOS or Android, using a password hint or SMS recovery. Find out how.

If you still cannot recover your Master Password using any of the options above, the last and only option available is to reset your account and start over with collecting data (e.g., Sites, Secure Notes, Form Fills, Identities, etc.). This will permanently delete all of your stored encrypted data within your LastPass account, but your account status and some settings will remain untouched.

Using LastPass with Griffith Single Single-On

Do not use LastPass to generate your SSO password. While you can store your Griffith SSO password in LastPass, you will need to know this password to log into your computer. Find out more.

How to disable my web browser's built-in password manager

We strongly recommend disabling your browser based password manager when using LastPass to avoid security gaps, confusion and password conflict. Find out how.

What to do if my LastPass account has been compromised?

If you're concerned that your LastPass account may have been compromised, but you still have access to your account, please log in to LastPass immediately and delete active sessions and review current restrictions. Find out more.

How can I improve the security of my account/passwords?

Did you know you can improve the security of your Lastpass account by limiting the countries that people can log into your account from?

By default, this is turned off due to the varying needs of our users however restrictions can be easily enabled in the Account Settings > Show advanced settings > Security > Country Restriction.

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