How to change your password

Changing your password regularly is one of the most effective ways to protect your intellectual property. Griffith encourages password changes by emailing notifications when your password is due to expire:

  • 6 months after a password change, or
  • the next time you login after receiving a temporary password, or
  • the next time you login after resetting your password using the password phone service.

Use our guide below to help with your password change. Very similar to Forgotten Passwords, but does not need your birth date. Alternatively, the password phone service will require the following details saved in the Staff Portal or myGriffith, at least 24 hours beforehand:

  • Your sNumber
  • Australian mobile phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Australian postcode.

Temporary and reset passwords must be changed on your next login. Unchanged passwords will expire. If the password expires, see Forgotten Passwords.

Change Password

Change password self-service

1. Select Change password on the Single Sign On page, or go directly to Password Self Service. Enter your (sNumber) and your current, or temporary password and login.

change password screenshot

2. Select Change Password from the menu, and The Code of Conduct will be displayed for your perusal. Select I agree and Continue.

change password menu screenshot

3. Enter your new password, ensuring it meets the criteria. A password meter will indicate it's strength. Weak passwords will not be accepted. Confirm your new password once you're satisfied and select Change password

changing password screenshot

4. Successful changes will be displayed and your password will immediately become effective for:

  • myGriffith
  • Staff portal
  • Learning at Griffith
  • Staff and student email
  • Internet access service
  • VPN client and Wireless services
  • Staff and student modem access
  • PeopleSoft (staff only)

Your password will take 10 minutes to become effective for:

  • Staff and Student Active Directory accounts
  • Learning centres and common use computer laboratories
  • School computing laboratories

Note: you will need to manually change your Skype for Business password to match your Single Sign-on password: For instructions, see How to reset Skype for Business password (PDF 274KB)

password success screenshot

Email Systems:

  • Staff: this password change will affect your web browser access to staff email, but not the password you use for your email desktop application (IMAP\POP) or mobile device.
  • Students: Please update your student email desktop application (IMAP\POP) or mobile device. Go to Griffith University - Google Apps Support for more information. Otherwise, you may login via webmail.