Forgotten password help

There will come a time where you will forget your password, and when that time comes, this page will be right here waiting for you. The instructions are similar to Change Passwords, but you will need to have your date of birth and challenge questions set up before you can use this function. Assisted password resets are only available via phone and in person at student admin or the library services desk.

Password reset

Forgot your password? Reset here!

1. Select Forgot password on the Single Sign On page, or go directly to Reset Password. Enter your (sNumber) and select Continue.

forgotten password

2. Type your date of birth (ddmmyyyy) and answer your challenge questions. If successful, the Code of Conduct will display, select I agree and Continue. Learn how to set up challenge questions.

forgotten passwords DOB

3. Enter your new password, ensuring it meets the criteria. A password meter will indicate it's strength. Weak passwords will not be accepted. Confirm your new password once you're satisfied and select Change password

changing passwords

4. Successful changes will be displayed and your password will immediately become effective for:

  • myGriffith
  • Staff portal
  • Learning at Griffith
  • Staff and student email
  • Internet access service
  • VPN client and Wireless services
  • Staff and student modem access
  • PeopleSoft (staff only)

Your password will take 10 minutes to become effective for:

  • Staff and Student Active Directory accounts
  • Learning centres and common use computer laboratories
  • School computing laboratories

password success

Expired Passwords

You will be redirected to a page prompting you to the Password Self Service when you try to access websites using an expired password.

Email Systems:

  • Staff: this password change will affect your web browser access to staff email, but not the password you use for your email desktop application (IMAP\POP) or mobile device.
  • Students: Please update your student email desktop application (IMAP\POP) or mobile device. Go to Griffith University - Google Apps Support for more information. Otherwise, you may login via webmail.