Griffith Public WiFi is a pay-per-use Wi-Fi network. It is intended for visiting patrons to Griffith University who do not have a Griffith account and are not from an eduroam participating institution.


  1. Under your device Wi-Fi settings, select Griffith Public WiFi network
  2. Open your web browser and click on the yellow Griffith Public WiFi tile
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to buy a Griffith Public WiFi account or redeem a voucher

Important: Please read

You must take note of the account name and password when created. Failure to record these login details could prevent you from accessing your Public Wi-Fi account and negate refund requests.

What type of access do I get?

You will get access to the internet to browse websites and check your personal email. This internet access is similar to hotel or airport hot spot service and does not provide access to any Griffith University's restricted student and staff resources like Griffith Portal, Learning@Griffith, etc... Access speed is also limited to 2 Mbps . This service is not a replacement for the Griffith University wireless network for current students and staff.

Where can I use it?

Griffith Public WiFi wireless network is available on all Griffith University campuses.

How much does it cost?

There are different plans available, depending on the length of time that the Internet access is required for. See the following table for more information.

Length PeriodData AllowanceCost (AUD)
1 HourGB$10
24 HoursGB$30
48 HoursGB$50
72 Hours10 GB$70
5 Days15 GB$110

Account validity timer starts counting down from the moment you purchase the Griffith Public WiFi account not from your first use of the account.

Refunds will not be issued for unused quota.

Help and Support

For all support enquiries please contact +617 373 54444 Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm.

Email: internet-access@griffith.edu.au