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An Arts degree provides both a high quality education and excellent preparation for the modern world, developing the communication, problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking skills that open the doors to so many opportunities.

Studying at Griffith, you'll learn in a stimulating intellectual and cultural environment where you can focus your talents and explore what you're passionate about.

You'll have the advantage of access to exceptional facilities, and learn from specialist lecturers and tutors in your chosen fields. You'll learn to critically and creatively analyse the world around you, and acquire the skills to communicate with diverse audiences.

If you have a broad range of interests, an Arts degree is for you. It's all about choice, offering both depth of study and breadth of knowledge.

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Study arts at Griffith

You’ll gain the understanding, insight and skills to find and communicate creative solutions to contemporary challenges.

Arts offers you the flexibility to choose from a vibrant mix of 15 majors and the freedom to combine any two:

  • Creative Writing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Drama
  • History
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Islam-West Relations
  • Journalism
  • Languages
  • English Language and Linguistics
  • Literary Studies
  • Politics and International Studies
  • Public Relations
  • Screen Studies
  • Security Studies
  • Sociology

You’ll develop advanced writing and presentation abilities, as well as research and project management skills. You’ll be equipped with in-depth knowledge about states, societies and cultures, past and present.

You’ll have the power to create your own unique skill set and prepare for the careers of the future. You’ll be guided and mentored by staff who are recognised as leaders in their fields.

Studying an Arts degree at Griffith helps develop the universal capabilities that employers will value throughout your career. You have the option to develop specialist expertise in contemporary fields, study more traditional subjects or pursue a professional path.

Languages at Griffith are Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. French, German, Indonesian, Korean and Russian can be studied by cross- enrolling at the University of Queensland, and Modern Greek (online) by cross-enrolling at Flinders University. Learn more

5-Star Rated

Humanities and Social Sciences is rated 5-stars for Educational Experience by the Good Universities Guide 2018, a leading independent provider of high-quality education and career information.

Daniel Lyons

Griffith Bachelor of Arts graduate

Bachelor of Arts student Daniel Lyons secured an enviable job with the Royal Australian Air Force before he graduated. As a Communications and Information Systems Controller, Daniel manages, monitors and maintains Local Area Networks, as well as operate communication facilities and safe keep classified data. 'The critical thinking skills I developed throughout my Bachelor of Arts degree have definitely given me the edge in getting this role,' he says.

Daniel Lyons

Study options

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Career outcomes

Take your Arts degree wherever you want to go

Studying Arts at Griffith is great long-term training for innovation and entrepreneurship, higher earning potential and life enrichment

Everything you learn provides a springboard to securing a career that's fulfilling and financially rewarding. The versatility and flexibility of an Arts degree give you multiple options when it comes to choosing which industry you'll enter. You'll have a valuable suite of skills to impress prospective employers, and give you a professional edge in the jobs market. For Griffith graduates, the possibilities for finding your dream job are unlimited, including in:

  • Media relations
  • Government
  • PR communications
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Businesses large and small
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You can gain more than just a degree at Griffith. With plenty of opportunities to balance life and study, you can make memories and mates to last a lifetime.

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