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It Starts with Arts

With a wide variety of majors and hundreds of electives to choose from, Griffith’s Bachelor of Arts gives you the freedom and power to create your own unique skill set. You will learn to think critically and creatively, to innovate, collaborate and communicate for the future world of work.

The best way to prepare for a successful career is to master the skills that artificial intelligence never will, and that employers demand. LinkedIn’s research on the job skills most sought-after by employers in 2020 found that the four most-wanted “soft skills” were creativity, persuasion, collaboration and adaptability. These skills can lead to incredible careers, amazing journeys and brilliant ideas to help make the world a better place.

You will have the flexibility of studying on-campuses or online through our digital campus, and you can choose to study part-time or full-time, over two or three trimesters each year.





Spotlight on Education, Humanities and Languages

26 July–1 August

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Study arts at Griffith

With a Griffith arts degree, you’ll learn to think critically and creatively, innovate, communicate for influence, and harness the power of your ideas. With more than 20 majors, 33 minors and hundreds of electives to choose from, you’ll have the power to create your own unique skill set and prepare for your dream career.

You’ll be guided and mentored by staff who are recognised as leaders in their fields and have access to life-changing internships, experiences and international opportunities, as well as a dedicated placement officer to help you pursue your passion and professional ambition.

You’ll graduate with an extensive portfolio of work and networks that will give you the edge in launching your career with transferrable skills.

*Languages at Griffith are Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. French, German, Indonesian, Korean and Russian can be studied by cross- enrolling at the University of Queensland, and Modern Greek (online) by cross-enrolling at Flinders University. Learn more

Study flexibility

Take control of your time - This degree has intakes in Trimester 1, 2 and 3.

So, whenever you’re ready to study, we’re ready to get you started.


Arts offers you the flexibility to choose from a variety of majors and minors with the freedom to create a bespoke skillset enabling you to create solutions to today’s big problems.

Industry-engaged learning

You will have access to work placements, overseas field trips and industry projects for real clients to develop advanced professional knowledge and skills, as well as make connections for your future career.

Explore our Arts majors

Creative Writing

Pursue your flair for expression and learn to write from your heart in a way that engages others. Our teaching staff, authors themselves, will not only inspire you to develop your self-expression, but also help you build confidence and expertise and welcome you to the writing and poetry community.

Criminal Justice

Why do people commit crime? Learn to understand individual motivations, as well as the social issues that lead to crime. You'll understand what makes criminals tick as well as how to circumvent negative impacts on society.


Learn how to stage plays, how to act, and how drama can mobilise social action. From helping veterans cope with post-traumatic stress to building communities through performance, you will develop your skills in creative expression.


A great author once insisted that the past is always present. When you study history you confront the challenge of disentangling present-day circumstances from past events and interpreting their meaning for yourself and for your community.

Indigenous Studies

You'll explore the historical, cultural and political relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through theoretical and practical engagements. You'll gain an awareness of the tensions produced by this relationship and how to develop and implement initiatives and strategies to address those tensions.

Islam-West Relations

In the long history of Islam-West relations there have been periods of fruitful exchange and times of tension and strife. Why has the encounter ebbed and flowed over the centuries and what lessons does the past afford our multicultural present?


Who knows what is true anymore? Journalists do. Interrogate the powers that be, share stories with the community you serve and learn how to produce and distribute your take on the world.

Language in Society

Nothing humans have created could exist without language. Explore the most fundamental way we create knowledge and value that nonetheless differs from culture to culture.


When you learn a language you acquire another way to understand yourself and the world. It is a life-changing experience that too many people are afraid to dare. Be brave, study a language and see just how widely it can open your life.

Literary Studies

Great literature can you transport you to a different time and place, introduce you to different people and pose the essential questions we all have to answer. When you read great literature you encounter powerful voices and can learn how to find your voice - which matters because without a voice you will never be heard.

Politics, Security and International Studies

Understand the world so you can change it. You'll explore world issues from human rights, economic development, terrorism, war and security threats, to the wider challenges and opportunities of globalisation. You'll cover the key challenges of our time and develop the skills to be part of the solution to some of the world's biggest issues.

Popular Culture

So much of our lives are defined by our immersion in popular culture. This major will open your capacity to interrogate social values and connect media to values and beliefs. You will interrogate the tensions between being an individual and belonging to a society.


Interested in the relationship between mind and personality? Psychology explores the use of interpersonal skills and the understanding of how to support people with personal, health, vocational and social difficulties.

Social Justice

Look at the social structures and cultural values that contribute to social inequality, injustice and poverty and try to find new ways to foster multiculturalism, social inclusion and equality. How can you make a better world?


Sociology is the study of society. What could be more important? What makes us tick? How does power define our lives? What makes you who you are? Do we have one identity or shift among many?

Strategic Communications

How an issue is communicated sets the terms in which it will be discussed. Develop your writing skills, and your capacity to think both laterally and creatively.

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  • Art History and Theory (South Bank and Gold Coast only)
  • Digital Media Production
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Gender Studies
  • Italian Language
  • Medical Humanities
  • Screen Studies
  • Security Studies
  • Spanish Language
  • Translating and Interpreting for Chinese Speakers

Donisha Duff

Bachelor of Arts graduate

Bachelor of Arts graduate Donisha Duff says Griffith helped launch her career in public and community service. ‘Griffith opened the door to a world of possibilities. My undergraduate studies in humanities enabled me to explore a range of interests from film studies, contemporary literature to political studies and sociology,’ she said. As an advocate for health and supporter of girls’ and women’s educational and career opportunities, Donisha has worked tirelessly to improve pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. ‘My BA(Hons) prepared me for a pathway to some high level policy development. This has taken me from the public service to the ministerial office of the first Federal Indigenous Health Minister and now to my position as General Manager for the Deadly Choices preventative health program.’


We offer a range of scholarships for new and continuing students.

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Career outcomes

Take your Arts degree wherever you want to go

It starts with arts. A third of all Fortune 500 CEOs have an arts degree.

Studying arts gives you access to more career paths in more industries, including creative industries, the corporate sector, government, media and community.

Everything you learn provides a springboard to securing a career that's fulfilling and financially rewarding. The versatility and flexibility of an arts degree give you multiple options when it comes to choosing which industry you'll enter. You'll have a valuable suite of skills to impress prospective employers and give you a professional edge in the jobs market.

For Griffith graduates, the possibilities for finding your dream job are unlimited, including in the following sectors:

  • Marketing and media
  • Politics and government
  • Education and training
  • Advertising
  • Private enterprise
  • Community development

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Life at Griffith

You can gain more than just a degree at Griffith. With plenty of opportunities to balance life and study, you can make memories and mates to last a lifetime.

Learn more about life at Griffith University

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