Tips for Reading Textbook Chapters

The video presentation for this session outlines an effective concept mapping technique to use when reading textbook chapters in addition to providing an interactive example to demonstrate how the technique works. Additional resources for this workshop include a copy of the sample chapter used in the video example, a template of the concept map utilised, as well as a step-by-step outline of the technique (all available for download). Some useful weblinks are also provided to help connect you with further developing your effective reading skills.


Below are three downloadable resources to support the textbook reading technique demonstrated on the video presentation. Specifically, you can access a model of the concept map used for the technique, a step-by-step outline of the process and the sample chapter used in the example.

Griffith University – Reading Effectively -

University of New South Wales – Tips for Effective Reading -

La Trobe – Reading Common Texts Efficiently -

The University of Sydney – Reading for Effectively and Efficiently for University -

Southern Cross University – Tips for Reading Effectively -

RMIT Learning Lab – Reading Skills -

Griffith University - EnglishHELP Self-Help Resources
Griffith University - English Language Support
James Cook University - Develop Your English
RMIT Learning Lab - Academic Word List Tool
University of Adelaide - English as a Second Language Learning Resources
Curtin University Learning Centre - Better Grammar
Curtin University Learning Centre - Better Sentences
University of Technology Sydney - Grammar
La Trobe - Achieve@Uni - Language
Manchester Academic Phrasebank
BBC - Learning English