Welcome to the TTP Program

The TTP Program is designed to aid your transition as a commencing student into the university learning environment and to enable you to become a resourceful, capable and engaged learner. Each module contains workshop sessions with practical advice and guidance to help you ‘hit the ground running’ and make a confident and successful start to your studies. The sessions are also beneficial if you are a continuing student and would like to refresh your knowledge and further enhance your academic and study skill development..



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Griffith Health Writing and Referencing Guide

The Griffith Health Writing and Referencing Guide is a comprehensive tool to assist you develop your academic writing skills and confidently use APA referencing format, the standard referencing style used across Griffith Health.

Student Support

This resource connects you quickly and easily with the wide range of services available across the University to assist you with academic, personal, social, financial, administrative, technical, cultural and employability support.