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Be a part of the solution to crime

Criminology involves examination of the causes and consequences of complex crime and criminal justice issues. Who commits crimes and why. How crime is measured. How society responds. Students pursuing a degree in this engrossing field learn how crime affects the community at every level. With a degree in criminology and criminal justice from Griffith, you'll learn to understand the motivations of crime and how to implement strategies to combat it. You'll learn to use research to identify social issues that lead to crime. You'll understand what makes criminals tick as well as how to circumvent negative impacts on society.

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Study criminology and criminal justice at Griffith

Explore the causes of crime and society's response

Hear from Professor Anna Stewart, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice; Danielle Reynald, Senior Lecturer; and Doug Cheal, Intelligence Officer at Queensland Police Service.

Griffith has one of the world's largest and most respected criminology schools, giving you the advantage of our international research reputation, and the opportunity to learn from leaders in each of the diverse fields of criminology.

Add in the option to study in specialist areas and undertake double degrees in Law, Information Technology, Human Services and Sciences, and you'll be furnished with the essential skills to follow many stimulating career paths.

Our programs teach the specialised knowledge and skills necessary for a very rewarding career in the criminal justice system.

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Jade Pereira — Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice graduate Jade Pereira is working in the Queensland Health Police Liaison Unit. She liaises with the Queensland Police Service, a range of hospital and health services, the Queensland Ambulance Service and Health Support Queensland. Jade believes that Griffith University's industry links and connections helped her to get where she is today. In her final semester at university, she completed an internship at the Ethical Standards Command where she collaborated with Queensland Police Service officers on a research project. Jade recommends all criminology students get involved in as many networking events as they can, particularly closer to graduation. 'Grab your opportunities, put in the hard work and you will honestly be surprised how far it will take you,' she says.

Jade Pereira

Study options

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Career outcomes

Make a difference in the lives of people impacted by crime

The skills you acquire throughout your course of study will open the door to a multitude of career options. Our graduates pursue career paths in state and federal jurisdictions, working in:

  • Policing and security
  • Intelligence
  • Probation and parole
  • Child protection
  • Crime analysis
  • Courts and justice services
  • Crime prevention
  • Regulatory agencies
With crime also becoming an international concern due to the growth of organised networks, global digital technology and the threat of terrorism, there are many more avenues for career advancement.

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November 05, 2018

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October 25, 2018

LGBTI+ law student mentoring program launched

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