Research outputs

Eligible outputs for ERA include traditional and non-traditional research outputs:

Only research outputs from eligible Griffith researchers can be included in the University's ERA submission. Research outputs published in a 6-year reference period (i.e  ERA 2018 is 2011-2016) are sourced for the University's submission from the research publications database (RIMS).

Eligible researchers

Eligible researchers for ERA are:

  1. Full-time or fractional full-time Griffith employees who were employed on the staff census date (where employment was on the basis of less than 0.4 FTE, a demonstrated publication association with Griffith is required);
  2. People who were employed by Griffith on a casual basis, employees of another institution who were working at Griffith as either visiting staff, exchange staff or seconded staff on the staff census date, and had a demonstrated publication association with Griffith within the research outputs reference period;
  3. People who worked at Griffith but received no remuneration (e.g. unpaid visiting fellows), adjunct, honorary or emeritus researchers who were affiliated with Griffith on the staff census date who had a demonstrated publication association with Griffith within the research outputs reference period.

Other ERA indicators

Research outputs are not the only indicators of research excellence assessed in ERA. Research income and applied measures (e.g. patents, research commercialisation income, and NHMRC endorsed guidelines) are also included in ERA submissions.

Research income

The research income reference period for ERA 2018 is 2014-2016, inclusive. Only income reported as part of Griffith University's HERDC return for the relevant year of the reference period can be included as research income in Griffith's ERA submission. See our Higher Education Research Data Collection page for further information.

Applied measures

Data on the following applied measures is submitted:

  • plant breeder's rights
  • patents
  • registered designs
  • research commercialisation income and
  • NHMRC-endorsed guidelines

The reference period for applied measures is 2014-2016, inclusive. The eligibility of applied measures varies between FoR codes: Applied measures (XLS 78k)

Publications and outputs

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