This category refers to a contribution, consisting substantially of new material, to an edited compilation in which the material is subject to editorial scrutiny.

Weighting: 1.

B1 Book chapter requirements

To be included in this category, the publication must meet the definition of research and:

  • be research published in the current collection year, and the year of publication must be stated within or on the work being claimed, with the exception of the expanded year of publication
  • have an International Standard Book Number
  • have been published by a commercial publisher, or if not published by a commercial publisher, must have been peer-reviewed
  • the author must be affiliated with Griffith.

A book chapter may be included if it has been published previously as long as it constitutes substantial new knowledge and constitutes original research.

Book chapter types

The types of book chapters that may meet the criteria include:

  • a scholarly introduction of chapter length to an edited volume, where the content of the introduction reports research and makes a substantial contribution to a defined area of knowledge
  • a critical scholarly text of chapter length, such as in music, medieval or classical texts
  • critical reviews of current research.

Important note: Many of the books published by professional bodies don’t report original research findings but report the results of evaluations, or repackage existing information for the benefit of professionals or practitioners. It is important to only count publications that report research activities.

Verification requirements

Verification documentation must be provided, including:

  • complete copy of the chapter
  • complete photocopies of the table of contents, preface, introduction and pages showing all bibliographical information as appropriate (ISBN or ISSN, editor, author(s), publisher and all dates referring to copyright, publication, printing and distribution)
  • if it’s a new chapter in a revised edition, include also contents of previous edition if the preface does not indicate the chapter is new
  • evidence indicating the author's affiliation to Griffith. By-line or footnote or statement in publication indicating research undertaken in author's capacity as a staff member or student of the University or an authorship statement from author attesting research undertaken in author's capacity as a staff member or student of the University (in support of this statement INS staff will provide confirmation that the author was an appointee or student of the University within the publication year).

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